Discover Why LV Exotic Rentals Is a Leading Exotic Car Rental Company in Las Vegas

LV Exotic Rentals is an exotic and luxury car rental company founded by Athena Kavis and Mohammed Shakaoat. Both Athena and Mohammed are serial entrepreneurs who successfully built LV Exotic Rentals with the vision of creating a hassle free rental experience for exotic and high end vehicles. Since starting out with one Tesla, Moe and Athena have grown LV Exotic Rentals to be one of the top car rental companies in Las Vegas. Now LV Exotic Rentals has a diverse selection of vehicles and offers different services to personalize every client’s experience.

Superior Vehicle Selection

LV Exotic Rentals has a fleet containing some of the most exciting and hard to find vehicles in Las Vegas.

Many car rental companies have recently sold off a lot of their vehicles during the pandemic and are now struggling to keep up with demand, making luxury and exotic rentals even harder to find. LV Exotic Rentals has only continued growing and expanding their fleet to give clients more choices. With coupes, convertibles, SUVs, and sedans available, LV Exotic Rentals has high end vehicles that meet any client’s needs. On top of having one of the most diverse fleets in Las Vegas, LV Exotic Rentals offers affordable pricing on their rental to make the unforgettable experience they provide accessible to more clientele.

White Glove Services

The services provided at LV Exotic Rentals set them apart from the competition by providing a seamless and exciting experience for clients. Remote rental capabilities make it easy for clients to rent the vehicle of their dreams. With unlimited mile add-ons at a low cost it is easy to get the most value for your money and is refreshing not having to worry about counting miles. There are also packages for post trip cleaning and prepaid refueling so drop offs are convenient and smooth. There is nowhere in Las Vegas that makes renting an exotic or luxury vehicle easier than LV Exotic Rentals. 

Building The Company

Athena and Moe have a passion for exotic vehicles and enjoy making their client’s dreams come true. The inspiration for the company came when Athena was renting a Tesla herself. She and Moe started researching the market and discovered that there was a lot of opportunity in the business. Moe and Athena built LV Exotic Rentals with the idea of providing an experience that clients can’t find anywhere else in Las Vegas. The two quickly started putting their plan to action and established LV Exotic Rentals and have grown it to a leading exotic rental company. Athena, who also operates a spa in Las Vegas, stated that in the future they plan on expanding their fleet to offer an even more diverse selection.

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