Discover the Value Behind Good Leadership in Business with Mark Minard

Running a successful business in a cutthroat, competitive industry is a challenge. It’s not for the weak-minded or those willing to give up easily instead of going through leaps and bounds to reach goals. While it requires effort and a business plan, becoming a profitable entrepreneur also requires good leadership skills. Those struggling to see their startups take-off can use the valuable advice from Mark Minard, the founder and CEO of Dreamshine.

Mark Minard was once your average guy with a past. Having spent time in jail at 17, hitting rock bottom, and realizing he didn’t want to continue going down the wrong path, he’d eventually start his own business with his sister during the recession. It was a time when most were shuttering the doors of their establishments because of the economic hardship, but Mark had a dream to chase, and he wasn’t willing to let the state of the economy keep him from pursuing what he wanted to do.

With a vision of helping developmentally disabled adults with everything from improving social skills to perfecting life skills and genuinely having a good time, Dreamshine came about and has since become a wildly successful business changing the lives of hundreds of people each year. But, the question is, how does one turn nothing into something so quickly? 

“A lot of people ask me how I managed to go from nothing to something with my business. I like to tell them that I knew what I wanted to do, and I went for it while focusing on becoming the leader that I knew my employees would need to have. If you can’t be a good leader, how can you expect anyone to be a good employee? It all begins with you as the business owner,” says Mark Minard. “Of course, that meant digging deep within myself, overcoming adversity, and adapting to an entirely new and different mindset. I’ve learned to let go of the past and the things that don’t benefit me while focusing on positivity.”

Known for his honest, authentic nature, Mark Minard wants others to understand the value behind good leadership in business. “It doesn’t matter what type of business you want to start. If you can be a good leader, you can make it in life and turn that business into a profitable venture. However, you need to know the differences between a good leader and a bad one while making sure you don’t possess the qualities of someone who isn’t leading their team properly,” shares Mark. “I’m always willing to provide unfiltered advice because entrepreneurs need to understand what it takes to start from scratch and transform a venture into this blossoming business.”

In addition to this advice, Mark Minard has much more valuable advice to offer in his book, 16 Reasons Why Your Business Sucks, and his podcast, Elevating Beyond. If you’re looking for advice that will help you elevate your life and accomplish the most important things to you, be sure to give the book a read or tune in to the podcast for more guidance.


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