David Johnson and Brandon Johnson, the Power Duo at the Helm of Trusted Supplement Manufacturer Aurora Nutrascience

The recent advancements in technology have allowed ventures and entrepreneurs alike to better meet market needs. When wielded strategically, these developments make a difference in the way people approach everyday activities and help in the pursuit of various goals. David and Brandon Johnson, the minds behind Aurora Nutrascience, know all too well the value that technology brings to the table. Armed with this understanding, the father & son duo came together to offer an alternative way to live a strong and healthy life. 

A technology-based manufacturer, Aurora Nutrascience has emerged as a go-to provider of an impressive selection of unique cutting-edge nutritional supplements. Its establishment rests on the recognition of the growing number of individuals who have become more health conscious and are aiming to lead healthier lives because while the COVID-19 outbreak drove home the point that health should be a top priority, this emphasis on promoting wellbeing is not new. For years now, following a widespread awareness of diseases and the impact of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, a heavier premium has been placed on practices and strategies that foster health, including exercising, eating right, taking supplements, and more. 

Founded in 2013, Aurora Nutrascience operates in line with the overarching mission that its founders are trying to pursue. “We are committed to continually searching for ways to fulfill our goal of creating the latest advances in alternative nutritional and personal products,” shared David Johnson and Brandon Johnson.

The power duo is currently materializing this shared goal by capitalizing on their extensive experience, banking on their in-depth knowledge of several sectors in the health industry, and directing their resources toward creating products that can be beneficial to the global community. With their leadership and thanks to the dedication of the team of professionals spearheading the initiatives of Aurora Nutrascience, the acclaimed supplement manufacturer has risen through the ranks, securing a coveted position among the fastest-growing ventures in the field of manufacturing and use of non-GMO, all-natural phosphatidylcholine-based liposomes.

Aurora Nutrascience’s solid reputation within the vitamin and supplement industry can be credited to its founders’ focus on delivering a line of top-notch liposomal products, which was made possible through a proprietary process. 

“We utilize proprietary manufacturing processes to create all-natural nano-sized liposomes,” explained the go-getters at the helm of Aurora Nutrascience. “These liposomal spheres encapsulate the selected nutrient molecules, which then facilitate a more efficient transition through the digestive system and allow for higher bioavailability into the bloodstream.”

Deserving credit, as well, and the primary factor that David Johnson and Brandon Johnson believe to be instrumental in the emergence of Aurora Nutrascience as a global leader, is the attention they pay to people. By acknowledging the all-out efforts of their team and appreciating the contributions of their US partner, Vida Lifescience, this promising company remains rooted in the reason why it started in the first place. 

In the years to come, more can be expected from Aurora Nutrascience as David Johnson and Brandon Johnson continue on their quest to serve a growing population looking for alternative ways to live long, healthy, and happy lives.


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