Amazon Blazes Trail in Technology with the Announcement of Its Astro Home Robot

Source: Amazon

It seems that science fiction is slowly becoming more of a reality with the latest advancements to technology in recent years. Last Tuesday, retail industry giant Amazon took things one step further by announcing its most exciting and perhaps most advanced product yet: Astro the home robot.

To the uninformed, the conglomerate’s latest invention may seem like a slightly fancier version of robot vacuums which are common among households, but it is much more than that. Powered by the Alexa smart home technology, it can be integrated with Amazon’s home system and can be controlled remotely.

The groundbreaking innovation is capable of  performing a wide range of tasks from simply playing music to essential things like checking in on its owner’s home and pets when they are away for work or vacation.

Aesthetic-wise, the robot has a sleek and functional design as well as a black and white finish. Aside from the standard camera and microphone fittings, it has wheels that allow the machine to navigate a house quickly. It also uses an extendable camera to scout potential threats such as fire hazards in an unattended house. On top of that, the developers of Astro incorporated various expressions which give the robot a personality. Most importantly, the robot notifies the homeowners if it detects any problems.

The concept of a household robot is highly enticing, and many are keen on getting their hands on Amazon’s newest creation. However, Astro is part of the corporation’s Day 1 Edition program and would therefore be sold in a limited quantity for the time being. Interested buyers will need to sign up and wait for an invitation from Amazon.

While many are eager to purchase Astro, some are apprehensive about the new technology, most especially on the privacy front. However, the team at Amazon reassured customers that they had created safety features that would ensure the user’s privacy.

For example, owners can set out an out of bounds zone and a do not disturb zone. These specific areas in the home will then be inaccessible to Astro. At the same time, they can simply choose to turn off the robot’s camera and microphone, but it comes with a downside wherein the bot will be rendered immobile.

Amazon has proven once again that it is committed to moving the world and technology forward. This impressive vision is made possible by its out-of-the-box thinking, innovative products, and fearlessness to bring new things to the market. Astro is only the first of its many initiatives that can help improve people’s lives around the world. Technology enthusiasts and gadget junkies should be on the lookout for the business empire’s upcoming announcements and products.

Amazon’s home robot Astro is set to be released at the end of the year. At launch, it will only be available to invited customers from the United States. They can buy the product for $999. As for the rest of the population, they would have to wait further, and the coveted home robot will set them back $1,449.99.


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