Dashdot Helps People Reimagine Ways To Achieve Successful Property Investments

Many Australians regard homeownership as a milestone, a marker of adulthood independence, and a key to economic security. However, Australia’s high house prices make the “Great Australian Dream” of homeownership a distant one for many.

However, according to Dashdot, a property investment firm, this dream remains achievable through their innovative and easy property acquisition methods, backed by advanced data science and dependable customer service. Dashdot, established in 2018, aims to help Australians achieve their goal of owning property by guiding them to the most profitable investment options.

The current status of the market

According to Michael Fotheringham, Managing Director of the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, homeownership rates in Australia are declining. From a high of 71% in 1966, only 67% of Australians owned their own homes in 2021. The three primary factors influencing the Australian real estate market are high prices, a lack of available land, and high deposit requirements.

The average Australian now needs to earn ten times their annual income to buy a house, compared to just three times their income in 1984. Having the proper supply in the correct locations is also a significant problem in the country, making it difficult for construction to keep up with demand and leading to further price increases.

Moreover, the average deposit required to secure a mortgage in Australia is now $100,000, more than doubling the average deposit from 20 years ago. All these factors have made it difficult for many people to enter the housing market, especially those who are just starting their careers or those with lower incomes.

Pushing beyond the limits with Dashdot’s proprietary technology

Despite what the current market says and how it is performing, Dashdot believes that opportunities are still tremendous regarding property investment. 

With its advanced data science team and prop-tech tools, Dashdot helps clients make informed decisions by analyzing key indicators such as rental yield and identifying top properties in top locations, with insights into current and soon-to-boom hotspots. The company also provides personalized advice and market insights to simplify the investment process and ensure clients only choose from the best options and secure profitable investments.

For Dashdot, looking for the right property is the key. They are working with their world-first data science that allows their clients to identify the top 1% of properties in the top 1% of locations, ensuring they secure the right property fit for their client’s needs. 

“Our insight is all about the right fit. What’s right for someone might not be for another, and sometimes, people are not achieving what they could because they’re not buying what they should. But we can always find an opportunity that is right for each of our clients,” McGrath shares. 

According to Dashdot CEO Goose Mcgrath, the goal is to make property investing accessible and user-friendly for everyone. He explains, “Real estate investing is rife with misinformation, contradictory advice, and projected fear that could be difficult for young people to navigate. But we are extremely passionate about creating accessibility and seamless experiences for wealth building through property investment.”

Making The ‘Great Australian Dream’ A Reality

Just like many Australians, it is also Dashdot’s dream to make property investment possible for all. As pioneers of prosperity, they constantly uncover new ground, break through unchartered territory, rise from the constrained way of thinking, and seek what’s beyond the horizon of property investment so that investments will do the hard work for the people. 

“While our tagline, ‘Pioneering Prosperity’ may sound fluffy, the facts and results that underpin this statement embody this notion wholeheartedly. The property industry is still dusty, and extremely fragmented, but we’re excited to double down on how we can make property investing just as smart as our consumers are,” says Jess Norton, Head of Marketing. 

The Dashdot technology is remarkable, but what makes their offering even more special, according to Dashdot them, is the heart they put into the client service. They consolidate every part of the property investment buying experience so people can achieve their life goals faster, and with less risk. 

McGrath adds, “Our purpose is to improve the lives of others by helping the world to make intelligent property decisions. We envision a world where everyone can access and build wealth, so they can live a better life. Our team is proud and driven by this purpose each and every day.”

As one of Australia’s top investment property companies, Dashdot’s mission is to make property investing accessible to everyone. With the proper real estate knowledge, guidance, and expertise, potential homeowners can make informed decisions and find the right investment property for their needs.


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