Daniel Kivo: The Recruitment Professional With an Innovative Approach to Talent and Employee Management

Employees are valuable assets and the key to the success of an organization as they are responsible for daily interactions with consumers. Without practical and empathic employees, a brand is at risk of losing its customer’s loyalty and patronage. One individual helping organizations increase their product output and quality through successful employee management is recruitment expert Daniel Kivo, with over a decade of experience in sales, marketing, recruitment, and human resources. With his combined expertise, Daniel has served in several local and international organizations such as the United States Navy, Ace Parking, Link Consulting, among others in varying capacities, helping the organization climb up the corporate hierarchy. 

Daniel Kivo is a Strategic Talent Scouting professional with a degree in communication from Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, California and a master’s degree in human resources from Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California. After college, Daniel joined the United States Navy, Okinawa station as a human resource specialist before moving on to Showdown Events Company as a sales executive. 

Through his extensive track record of excellence and outstanding performance in core leadership roles, he was able to foster lasting relationships and partnerships with reputable firms, helping them handpick the best talent management strategies, build trust and align their business needs to business practice.  In 2016, Daniel Kivo joined Link Consulting, where he was in charge of the company’s talent management, including sourcing, interviewing, referencing, and negotiating offers. In addition, with his savvy and purpose-driven approach, he initiated a candidate selection parameter that relies on uniquely collated data to recruit the best possible applicants. 

Following his success at Link, Daniel once again applied his expertise when he joined the team at Ace Parking as head of recruitments. He introduced recruitment automation technology to the company and recruited for the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. His innovative approach to complicated tasks has earned him the respect and approval of many. He is often described as a results-driven leader who delivers without compromising quality while making followership attractive. 

With work experience in strategic sourcing initiatives, optimizing return on human capital, and realigning departmental and individual performance to strategic goals and objectives garnered over a decade of continued excellence, Daniel has built a respectable career for himself, working with organizations and helping them grow. He is acknowledged among his peers as a professional talent scout, paving the way for him to sit on the management board of influential organizations. 

To put his skills to the heel, Daniel Kivo established Hire VA Now in 2019, a platform designed to connect business owners to virtual assistants who are well-versed in e-commerce, digital marketing, and web development, among others. With Hire VA Now, business owners can analyze each applicant’s credentials to learn more about their skills and find the perfect fit for their business.

To learn more about Daniel Kivo, visit his LinkedIn page. You can also check him on Instagram for updates and announcements.


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