Dani Stephenson Advocates for Equal Opportunities Through Straight Forward Giving’s Ground breaking initiative .ComUnity

While the world has undoubtedly become more progressive over the  years, it cannot be denied that systemic classism still exists. This  unfortunate scenario is often seen in workplace settings wherein highly  talented yet underprivileged individuals are less likely to be hired or  promoted compared to their more privileged peers. Entrepreneur Dani  Stephenson aims to change this, which is one of the reasons he  created .ComUnity, a platform designed to help educate and inspire  underprivileged communities worldwide.

The music executive is best known for his award winning enterprise,  Straight Forward Music Group. Founded in 2009, the decorated company  has received accolades from prestigious award-giving bodies like the  Grammy Awards, Brit Awards, BET Awards, Mercury Awards, Soul Train  Music Awards, Emmy Awards, Q Awards, ASCAP Awards, BIM Awards, Brit  Asia Awards, and MOBO Awards. He has also worked with some of the  biggest names in the industry, including Drake, Terry Pastor, P Diddy, Big  Sean, Don Diablo, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Beyonce, MANN, and many  others.  

In 2021, the inspiring executive founded .ComUnity, a one-of-a-kind  venture that uses the power of music, film, and entertainment to inspire  deprived communities and the future generation worldwide. Its mission is  to give people from all walks of life free access to educational courses,  advice, grants and mentorship to gain the key skills they need to get back  into full-time employment or education, and go on to pursue their  dreams.  

The project is close to Dani Stephenson’s heart. Passionately talking about  the project, he shared, “My mission is to start turning the tide in  underprivileged communities through the power of education and  mentorship, and empower the next generation from all backgrounds and  communities”  

The visionary went on to share, “It’s important we start installing  confidence in the youth throughout deprived communities, they have the  power to achieve anything in life with hard work and knowledge, with or  without a Bachelor’s Degree. ComUnity will give everyone the tools they  need to succeed in life .” 

Aside from its remarkable goal, .ComUnity has a solid program that  guarantees the success of its users. It is designed to provide the youth  with open-source access to knowledge. At the same time, it acts as a one-stop shop for all the educational information, assets, and courses they  need to succeed in life. 

Most importantly, the initiative creates infinite opportunities for  internships and educational workshops. It also offers access to recording  studios and mentors. These resources, which are often out of reach for  underprivileged individuals, are now accessible. All of these things  combined to ensure that .ComUnity fulfills its mission of providing for its  users. 

Dani Stephenson is optimistic that the platform will help countless  deserving individuals achieve their dreams. But more importantly, the  incredible entrepreneur hopes to inspire other capable entrepreneurs and  organizations to join him in the advocacy of bringing opportunities to  various communities around the world. 

Join Dani Stephenson in his quest to help improve our society by checking  out his company’s official website www.straightfwdgiving.org


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