Damani Norman Leads a Successful Marketing Company during the Pandemic

The pandemic remains one of the most unprecedented periods in recent times. There was no hack to survive it as businesses were forced to adapt or die. As businesses took various shapes and forms, they had to rely on some other businesses to keep them alive. This gave rise to many other businesses leveraging the pandemic to scale and become powerful forces in their various niches. CloveNow is one of them and is the brainchild of Damani Norman, a 34-year-old serial entrepreneur and real estate investor.

CloveNow is an inspirational lifestyle company that helps real estate and luxury brands increase their market shares through advertising and marketing on social media. CloveNow curates high-quality photos of elite brands, luxury real estate companies, luxury vehicles, fashion, private jets, and supercars. Showcasing these photos gives the brands more visibility as audiences are redirected to their pages and may become customers. 

CloveNow came to life during the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the many ventures that Damani Norman established during the period. He ran his companies to success and stamped his name as one of the top entrepreneurs of 2020. Damani achieved success by strategically partnering with the top 1% of global architects, real estate developers, interior designers, realtors, and brokers. He showcases their properties and homes on social media to drive more traffic to their social media pages or websites. Damani is also a serial investor with multinational conglomerates like Apple, Sony, and JP Morgan Chase.

Damani Norman’s recipe for success has always been his go-getter attitude. He built himself into a power player by giving brands guaranteed visibility and traffic through his own brand. Worthy of note is how Norman has crept into multiple industries through CloveNow and is now setting impressive standards in social media advertising that many other brands can only emulate. He brings to the table years of expertise and brilliant marketing skills, and many other businesses have benefited from his astute and efficient marketing strategies.

CloveNow has grown within the last year as a digital/social media directory for everything luxury from properties to products. Customers do not have to search endlessly for genuine luxury items. CloveNow has them on display, and results have been outstanding so far. Transforming a social media platform into a digital marketing platform has opened up new ways to generate income and grow brands. Beyond generating sales for brands and companies, CloveNow also inspires people to aim higher for themselves. It opens a new world of luxury that exudes inspiration and gives people the “I can do it” mentality.

Damian Norman’s revolutionary vision and mindset have given him the foresight to tap into the power of technology while giving audiences something else to focus on other than just surfing through social media. Norman has grown into one of the most highly rated entrepreneurs and has been named in the list of top entrepreneurs to look out for in 2020. Damani is a trailblazer in building online businesses, and his journey is worth watching.

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