CYTY Scrubs Founder Shares NursePreneur Success Tips

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Ever wondered how you’d introduce yourself as a nurse and an entrepreneur? You guessed it right! — A Nursepreneur. And if you fall entirely in this category, or you’re a nurse looking to start a business of your own, you’ve come to the right place. Why?

Just as you were, a practicing nurse in one of the hospitals in La Jolla, California, decided to start a medical clothing company – CYTY. Now, CYTY supplies medical professionals in the USA with premium medical scrubs and has done so for close to two years! But was it always rosy on every side? Why not find out by reading through these 5 CEO tips on overcoming challenges as a NursePreneur.


Nurse entrepreneurs may face financial constraints, including securing startup capital, managing cash flow, and balancing investment with spending. Strategic financial management and a resilient approach can help businesses thrive in a competitive business environment.

Time Management

In balancing clinical duties and business obligations, proper time management is essential. It will prevent burnout and ensure long-term success. In view of this, nurses can focus on priority tasks and set realistic targets. To achieve a better balance, it is possible to reduce the workload by delegating responsibilities as much as possible

Regulatory and Legal Requirements

Staying up-to-date with evolving frameworks can be part of the process of dealing with regulatory and legal requirements. It is advisable that you are compliant in all legal requirements from the day you start your business. It may be helpful to seek advice from an attorney and use resources provided by professional organizations.

Lack of Business Knowledge

Business knowledge should be put into consideration as entrepreneurs with mastery in marketing, finance, and operations. Developing a comprehensive business plan and seeking education, mentorship, or online resources can bridge knowledge gaps.

Customer Base and Competition

A robust customer base requires identifying target markets and tailoring marketing strategies which may include email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and so on.

Focusing on unique selling points will help you stand out in the competitive market. Continue to assess competition and constantly refine products.

Personal Growth and Development in the Entrepreneurial Journey

Have a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is required for personal development and success because it helps overcome challenges and obstacles. This mindset involves believing in one’s ability to develop skills, overcome obstacles, and foster innovation. Nurse entrepreneurs should be able to adapt to challenges and learn from setbacks.

Prioritizing self-care and mental well-being help with motivation and stress management. Embracing a growth mindset helps overcome doubt and fear, recognizing setbacks as opportunities for growth and mastery.

Seek Support from Your Mentors and Peer Groups

Guidance and empathy are provided by mentors, while peer groups provide support. Look for someone who shares your interests, skills, or goals to get the best support. To grow personally and professionally, it is essential that you have a positive attitude and a network of support.

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CYTY Scrubs Founder Shares NursePreneur Success Tips
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