Corey Jackson’s Revolutionary Approach to Diversifying Talent with Qwerkz Inc

Corey Jackson
Photo Courtesy: Monica Stevens

Scoring the winning touchdown with a business strategy that redefines how companies approach hiring diversity and innovation, meet Corey Jackson, the game-changing CEO of Qwerkz Inc. From being scouted for the NFL with no definitive position to helming a thriving talent distribution firm, Corey’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. His playbook? Position-less recruiting—a strategy that’s stirring up the recruitment field and proving to be the Hail Mary pass for businesses seeking top-tier talent and diversity.

Before Corey Jackson became a corporate maven, his agile maneuvers on the football field impressed both the Cleveland Browns and the Denver Broncos. Despite having played only one semester of college football, NFL scouts saw potential that transcended traditional role boundaries. Fast-forward several years, and we find Corey applying that same boundary-defying philosophy to the corporate world with Qwerkz, Inc. This South Carolina-based firm does more than scout for candidates; it scouts for potential, mirroring the tenacity and versatility of an athlete poised to pivot into any position on the field.

When talking to Corey, you can sense his passion for the project. “Qwerkz is changing the future of work and solving the diversity problem with an innovative idea,” he says, eyes alight with the fervor of someone who’s seen their strategy score time and time again.

But what exactly is position-less recruiting? Imagine walking onto a team with no set position, but instead, your capabilities, potential, and attitude determine your role. That’s the backbone of Corey’s approach at Qwerkz. Companies are presented with candidates who, much like versatile athletes, can adapt and excel in various roles. This methodology not only bolsters the talent pool but also knocks down barriers to diversity.

Since its establishment seven years ago, Qwerkz has played a pivotal role in the hiring strategies of industry giants like BGF Industries and 84 Lumber. With a doubling in size over the past two years and more Fortune 500 companies leaping onto the Qwerkz bandwagon, one thing’s clear — this innovation is playing in the big leagues.

Now, you might be wondering, how does one ensure that such an idealistic approach survives in the competitive, sometimes cutthroat world of talent acquisition? The secret, according to Corey, lies in understanding that certain individuals possess a unique perspective brought about by their life experiences and  background — they’re team players, quick learners, and inherently adaptable. These traits, he argues, are just as valuable no matter what industry you’re in.

On the practical front, Qwerkz partners with large companies, designing specific talent profiles and building pipelines brimming with high-potential candidates. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill recruiting narrative. Qwerkz lives and breathes its philosophy, believing vehemently that its model of scouting for high-potential candidates will address the intricate talent and diversity issues we’re grappling with in our society today.

So, how can interested companies or potential high-impact employees get in touch with Corey and the Qwerkz team? A quick look at LinkedIn shows the dynamic presence of both Corey Jackson and Qwerkz, Inc. Start a conversation, and you could be the next to unleash your untapped potential, or as a business, enrich your team with exceptional talent and adaptability at its finest. And for those who like their updates to come with a dash of behind-the-scenes action, follow @Qwerkzjobs on Instagram.

In a world craving innovation, Qwerkz plays in a league of its own, with Corey Jackson leading it to victory after victory. He’s the proof in the proverbial business pudding that sometimes, not sticking to your assigned position can lead to a game-winning strategy both on the field and in the corporate world.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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