CoreRootLabs: Revolutionizing Health and Wellness with High-Quality, Affordable Cellular Nutrition

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CoreRootLabs, an innovative startup powered by Deep Rooted Unlimited (DRU), is set to disrupt the health and wellness industry with its unique, high-quality product line designed to make cellular nutrition accessible and affordable for everyone. As the brand gears up for its exciting launch, it promises to set itself apart from competitors through its commitment to using only the finest ingredients.

The company’s mission statement, “Cellular nutrition at an affordable price,” encapsulates its vision of providing top-notch health solutions without breaking the bank. CoreRootLabs is introducing a 2-step product line that caters to diverse needs:

“Restart” – a 30-day program designed for pure absorption, featuring Aloe, Probiotic, Tea, Protein Smoothie/Vegan Protein, and Multivitamin.

“Level Up” – a performance and maintenance program that includes Warm Up, Aloe, Probiotic, Protein Smoothie/Animal or Vegan, Multivitamin, Preworkout or Tea, and Multivitamin.

Founder and CEO Sam Allen, a former professional soccer player, created CoreRootLabs with a personal conviction to develop a product he could trust and be proud of. His experience of being fined for unknowingly consuming a banned substance in a popular supplement fueled his determination to learn more about the health and wellness industry. This led him to create a brand that emphasizes transparency and quality.

The health, wellness, and beauty market is flooded with products laden with fillers, preservatives, and artificial ingredients, known to cause hormonal imbalances and other adverse effects. As consumers become increasingly conscious of what they put into and onto their bodies, the demand for pure, natural products has skyrocketed. CoreRootLabs aims to cater to this growing market by offering uncompromised quality and affordability.

Sam Allen, the driving force behind CoreRootLabs, has assembled an impressive team to bring his vision to life. Alongside Allen, Charmian Carl serves as the Chairman, bringing her extensive experience as a producer, writer, and director in the film and television industry. Carl’s background includes being the Editor-in-Chief of Playgirl Magazine, where she increased sales by 60% in her first year and won the magazine’s first industry awards.

Elliot Zaki, another key player in the CoreRootLabs team, has over 10 years of experience in leadership roles within multinational organizations. With a solution-based aptitude, Zaki’s expertise in communication plans and event strategies across various industries, such as hi-tech, media, and retail, will be invaluable to CoreRootLabs’ success.

With the combined experience, passion, and dedication of its team members, CoreRootLabs is well-positioned to become a game-changer in the health and wellness industry. As the brand prepares to launch its groundbreaking product line, consumers can expect a refreshing new approach to cellular nutrition, elevating the market standard and setting an example for others to follow. In a world where people are increasingly concerned about their health, CoreRootLabs is determined to be at the forefront, providing affordable and effective solutions for all.


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