Coaching Enterprise Untangled Happiness Helps High-Performance Clients Achieve Happiness with its Sustainable Method

Untangled Happiness Helps Clients Achieve Happiness

By: Untangle Happiness

Success in the fast-paced world of high-stress jobs and relentless ambition often comes at a cost. Many professionals find themselves on a relentless treadmill, pushing themselves to the brink of burnout in pursuit of their goals. With GenZers taking center stage now, it is even more difficult for the ones who are past their high-achieving age and stage to prove their experiences to the newcomers in the professional field. But what if there was a different approach, one that prioritized happiness and fulfillment as the foundation for achieving high performance? 

Rebecca ‘Becky’ Morrison, a former lawyer and finance professional turned Leadership and Happiness Coach, is revolutionizing the way people think about high-performance coaching with her company, Untangle Happiness. Her journey from the corporate world to coaching was born out of her own experiences navigating the pressures of demanding careers. Recognizing the toll that stress and unhappiness can take on individuals, she set out to create a coaching methodology that prioritizes well-being as the cornerstone of success.

“I believe that working on happiness is the true key to unlocking high performance,” Becky explains. “Rather than focusing solely on optimizing workflow or productivity, we start by optimizing everything you’re doing for happiness and fulfillment. This sets the foundation for sustainable success.”

Untangled Happiness uses a methodology that is a little different from the conventional approach of high-performance coaching. Clients with whom they work are generally C-suite or Partners in service firms such as accountants, lawyers, and consultants. They feel that they have no choice but to change their approach to improve their performance. Typical high-performance coaching focuses on making the process more efficient, reducing choices, and getting people into a flow state more often. 

While the standard one may emphasize efficiency and productivity, Untangle Happiness takes a different approach. They believe that optimizing something that is not working already does not make sense. Instead of pushing clients to work harder and faster, the company helps them cultivate a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction in their work step-by-step. “For many high achievers, the default approach is to push themselves to the limit,” Becky says. “But what’s the point of optimizing something that’s already not working for your happiness? We need to start by optimizing or rather working on joy and fulfillment, and then build from there.” To illustrate her point, this happiness coach uses the analogy of a car with a full tank of gas. 

Becky Morrison shares the concept of peak performance coaching, which focuses on sustainable and enjoyable outcomes. She compares peak performance coaching to a car with a full tank of gas, where the goal is to use the gas efficiently to get as far as possible. She suggests that while optimizing things can lead to more success, there will still be a point where the gas tank runs out. Instead, her approach focuses on sustainable efficiency. “You should enjoy the drive and replenish the tank through positive emotional experiences, enjoyment, and meaningful connections,” she elucidates. This allows for further progress on the same tank and provides more fuel for the journey. 

The company truly caters to a unique niche of individuals seeking to optimize their performance while also exploring the bigger questions that align with the higher purpose as a human being. 

Published by: Martin De Juan


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