Business Mogul Matt Herman Inducts Into the Forbes Business Council

Given the right amount of passion, perseverance, and dedication, anyone can carve a niche for themselves and build a path toward success. After all, victories are better achieved when one ultimately sets their eyes on the prize. However, success does not happen overnight. It is a long and arduous process requiring both a success-enabling attitude and the patience to persevere, no matter how difficult the path may become – a journey that is ultimately familiar in the eyes of serial entrepreneur and seasoned businessman Matt Herman.

Matt Herman is a highly successful insurance broker, financial advisor, consultant, and the esteemed founder of Enhance Health, a top-of-the-line health insurance company providing comprehensive coverage to the average American.

Fondly dubbed “Money Matt” for his upscale Miami luxury lifestyle, the Lauderhill native, after graduating from Harvard Business School, kick-started his inspiring career journey in Coral Springs, Florida, where he joined his father’s company ABC Carpet. With his brilliant salesmanship, charm, and charisma, Matt helped his father triple the company’s revenue within two years and became an integral part of the leadership team.

Propelled by his initial success, he launched fully into the business world and founded, ran, and sold multiple call center and online insurance businesses. With his unparalleled dedication to excellence combined with a passion for innovation and versatility, the business mogul diversified his financial empire and cultivated vital relationships, earning respect and trust of peers and critics alike.

Most recently, the seasoned businessman was inducted into the coveted Forbes Business Council, the leading networking organization for successful business leaders worldwide. Becoming a member of this exclusive council is no small feat, requiring a rigorous vetting process. Some criteria for acceptance include a long-standing track record of positively impacting business growth metrics as well as personal and professional achievements and honors, all of which Matt Herman possesses in abundance.

As one of the latest additions to the Forbes Business Council, Matt Herman will benefit from exclusive access to life-changing opportunities designed to catapult him to the peak of professional influence. The opportunities include exclusive access to the Forbes Council’s member concierge team, membership-branded marketing collateral, and access to business service partners, among other perks.

On top of that, the firebrand entrepreneur can cultivate key relationships by connecting and collaborating with local leaders in exclusive private forums. He will also extend his expertise to collaborate with the professional editorial team, sharing his insights into publishing original business articles on and Q&A panels alongside other experts.

“I am excited to become a member of the Forbes Business Council. I look forward to extending my experience and knowledge and helping others achieve the same goals,” Matt Herman said. “My participation will enhance my knowledge and leadership skills to help the community as a whole,” he added.

Now a household name taking giant strides in the business world, Matt Herman remains true to his core principle of being the best version of himself while helping others reach the pinnacle of success. Additionally, he ensures to give back to the community, leading several charitable initiatives and extending his philanthropy to organizations like Doman Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering parents and caregivers in the care and development of children with special needs.

In the coming years, Matt Herman aims to establish his mark more firmly in the global business world while using his wealth and influence to impact the lives of others through philanthropic endeavors.



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