Building the Big Picture: Shirrod Le’Det’s Vision of Transitioning, Leading, and Growing

Building the Big Picture: Shirrod Le'Det's Vision of Transitioning, Leading, and Growing
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When Shirrod Le’Det talks about building a picture, he’s not speaking about a painting. For him, the bigger picture is a mosaic of life’s components: life, leadership, entrepreneurship, and business. He likens these essential components to pieces of a puzzle, recognizing that identifying their fit leads to success.

Shirrod Le’Det, the dynamic business owner and entrepreneur, executive educator and Director of the Executive Leadership Academy at Simmons College of Kentucky, has a captivating perspective on growth, transition, and leadership. With an Executive MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University and over 18 years of leadership experience, he challenges traditional notions and leads with a mindset that is both inspiring and pragmatic.

“It’s all about pieces,” Le’Det explains, “but my point  is that every moment is an opportunity to learn. Life principles work in leadership situations. Leadership situations help you in building your entrepreneurship venture. And then when it comes to business, it’s really just linking all these pieces together.”

For Le’Det, what’s most essential is the understanding that these different areas of life aren’t to be kept in isolation from one another. They connect and overlap, and the common denominator in them all is you. He emphasizes that leadership and entrepreneurship isn’t just a position or role but mindsets. He sees business as a group of people solving problems, something we do in our everyday life.

His philosophy isn’t merely about knowledge but about actionable insights. In a recent interview, he stresses the importance of transition strategy, explaining that successful transition isn’t about guessing or avoiding. It’s about taking action, having better preparation, and formulating a strategy.

Le’Det’s approach is unique and refreshing. He states, “What makes it different is the philosophy. It’s about being effective now in the present moment to then be efficient in the future.”

His unique Now-to-Next blueprint focuses on two aspects: skills and strategy. He reveals, “What makes the blueprint different from everybody else… is that it’s really focused on the gap analysis of where we are now, and people’s capacity for growth. From there, we plan based on where we’re trying to go!”

From small business owners to students, his ideas are designed to inspire and instill new ways of thinking in anyone willing to learn, grow, and lead. The energy and passion Le’Det brings to his work stem from his belief that old systems still have their place; they simply need new thinking. He’s not about breaking things down but building them up, connecting the dots, and seeing the potential for growth in every situation.

Shirrod hopes people understand that progress is all about embodying new ways of perceiving the world. It’s about thinking differently, embracing creativity, and recognizing that the path to our next big opportunity lies in understanding where we are now.

For Shirrod Le’Det, life isn’t just a series of unrelated events. It’s a puzzle, and the pieces fit together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. His visionary approach to personal and professional development challenges conventional wisdom and encourages us all to look at the bigger picture to learn, to grow, and to lead. It’s a lesson worth taking to heart, a philosophy worth embracing, and a journey worth embarking on.

To learn more about Shirrod Le’Det, the Now-to-Next Blueprint, and how his philosophy can unlock your potential for success, visit his website or connect with him on LinkedIn.


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