Botanic Choice on Providing Natural Wellness Since 1910 and Delivering Natural Health Solutions to Today’s Health Enthusiasts

The economic landscape has evolved in so many ways over the decades, transforming into a space heavily influenced by advancements in digital technology and one that has witnessed the influx of countless entrepreneurs and businesses. Naturally, with every new entrant into the world of business is a reduction in the chances to dominate their fields and survive for long of old ventures. After all, consumers of the past and present have been characterized by their short attention span and tendency to hop on board what is new and abandon the old. So it makes it all the more impressive when companies that have operated for decades continue to enjoy a position in the highly saturated entrepreneurial realm. Botanic Choice, a natural health solutions provider established in 1910, is currently thriving at the forefront of the wellness sector. 

Founded in a small town in Northwest Indiana, Botanic Choice was the brainchild of Joseph E. Meyer and his family. Initially, the brand, which is subsumed under the umbrella company Indiana Botanic Gardens, Inc., started as a seedling of a venture that focused on growing, harvesting, packing, and shipping freshly grown herbs all over the country. A century later, the long-standing industry authority has flourished into America’s top choice when it comes to high-quality, research-based vitamins, supplements, and beauty care products. 

Right now, Botanic Choice takes pride in not only remaining family-owned but also in religiously adhering to the values that have allowed the company to rise through the ranks. On top of a relentless emphasis on the quality of suppliers, ingredients, and processes to ensure safe and effective products, this wellness brand, led by Tim Cleland and Tammy Cleland, is also known for its commitment to continuous quality improvements and compliance with legal and regulatory guidelines, as well as for its innovative formulas that are adapted to customer needs and deep-seated integrity in every business relationship. 

Inarguably, Botanic Choice has managed to gain the trust of a particular and demanding market, a privilege not afforded to just any business. The extent to which it has captured the interest of its customer and translated that attention into long-term patronage can be credited to its botanical expertise and the quality of its herbs and blends. 

From the beginning, the herbs that botanist Joseph Meyers has grown were done so in optimal conditions and harvested at peak times to ensure the highest potency. Additionally, in the bid to get the maximum benefits, Botanic Choice’s dedicated team carefully selects the right components of the right herbs in just the right amount. 

Botanic Choice, along with Botanic Spa and their parent company Indiana Botanic Gardens, Inc., have been providing natural health solutions for the last one hundred years. But despite having run for so long, they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In the future, these go-to sources of supplements, vitamins, and cosmetics will still go all-out in helping people meet their health and wellness goals by delivering a broad selection of affordable and high-quality products. 


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