Aspire Psychological Founder Cindy Chia Empowers Asian Community Through Personal Journey and Social Media

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Cindy Chia, a trailblazing trauma-focused therapist, is making significant strides in the mental health field, particularly in the Asian community. With her groundbreaking work at Aspire Psychological and her influential social media presence, Chia is breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and providing invaluable resources for individuals seeking healing and support.

Chia’s personal journey, marked by resilience and determination, has fueled her passion for advocating mental health care within the Asian community. Reflecting on her mission, Chia states, “There’s been a lack of mental health resources due to the taboo of mental health treatment in our community, and I want to change that.” Through her personal Instagram page, she shares insightful and valuable content, addressing generational trauma cycles and sharing her own healing journey from childhood abuse.

One of Chia’s most notable achievements is the transformation of her relationship with her parents. As they embarked on a healing journey together, Chia’s audience found her content relatable and inspiring. “My parents and I have a great relationship now due to our healing journey, and my audience has really enjoyed how relatable my content has been,” she shares.

Chia’s dedication and authenticity have established her as a standout figure in her niche. When asked what sets her apart, Chia confidently states, “I am real, raw, and authentic in my work and with my social media content.” Furthermore, she recognizes the urgency of her work in the Asian community, explaining, “Because there’s been a lack of resources for the Asian community in the mental health field, it makes my work more needed and valuable for our community.”

As a trauma-focused therapist, Chia delivers relatable and practical content to men and women who have experienced trauma in their lives, particularly those from the Asian community, to help them heal their traumas. Chia’s ultimate goal is to ensure they benefit from her work, as she aims to educate and empower them. To further her goal, she will soon be launching her upcoming course on Trauma Cyclebreaking, promising an invaluable opportunity for growth and healing.

Born and raised in Kuching, Malaysia, Chia’s journey has been shaped by her cultural background and her determination to pursue a career in psychology despite societal barriers. After completing her Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of South Australia, she continued her education with a Master’s in Science in Counseling Psychology at the University of Central Oklahoma. These experiences laid the foundation for her subsequent success and drove her to establish her private practice, Aspire Psychological, in Utah.

With relentless dedication and unwavering commitment, Chia transformed Aspire Psychological into a thriving clinic. Over the past six years, the practice has experienced an astounding 840% growth, winning four awards for mental health clinic excellence. Furthermore, Chia has maintained a remarkable 0% clinical staff turnover. Setting Aspire Psychological apart from others, the clinic implements the Blueprint Health Assessment, tracking patients’ progress effectively. In fact, the clinical treatment effective rate has consistently exceeded 83% since its implementation in 2019.

Today, Cindy also holds a position of influence and impact as a Council Member and Thought Leader in the esteemed Forbes Business Council. With a focus on mental health, she utilizes her platform to write compelling articles that resonate with readers. As a recognized member of the Council, Cindy gains access to a wealth of exclusive opportunities designed to amplify her professional reach. This collective support empowers Cindy to make a meaningful difference in the business world and advance her mission of promoting mental health awareness.

Cindy Chia’s remarkable journey and achievements are a testament to her unwavering passion and dedication to mental health advocacy. Through her work at Aspire Psychological and her impactful social media presence, she continues to uplift and empower individuals, breaking the stigma surrounding mental health in the Asian community.


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