Anthony Bradley: The First Step to Taking Life Into Your Own Hands Starts With Fitness

The starting point to being the best version of yourself begins with your fitness journey – a sometimes intimidating yet critically important first step. More than looking physically fit, staying active also benefits your mental health, drive, and everyday motivation levels. Additionally, it protects against a long list of illnesses and aches, with studies proving an increase in chronic and heart disease risks for those living a life of inactivity. 

But how exactly does one’s fitness journey begin? 

When the onset of metamorphosis seems insurmountable, certified life coaches like Anthony Bradley make the process less daunting. For Anthony, though, the more crucial conversation, apart from how to get started, is why fitness is so essential because, in his experience, it shapes not only your body but also your mind, soul, and identity. To work on overall wellness, one must go back to the basics and, more importantly, start now.

At 29 years old, probably his lowest point in life, Anthony’s world had to change. Prescriptions from his doctor for irregular heartbeats had him rethinking life choices, working in the Las Vegas nightlife industry with a very unhealthy lifestyle. Even though he was making a lot of money, he was unhappy with his health and physical appearance. Above all, he was most worried about how his health would impact the life he lived with his son. 

“I knew how much my son looked up to me, and if I was going to be a role model to him, my health was required,” He shared. “I knew that if I wanted to show my son the way, I would have to lead the way to show him.” Growing up without his father, Anthony’s utmost priority had always been being a good example to his son. But this was easier said than done. Before being on track to getting his health back, Anthony went through a lot of beginnings and endings in his fitness pursuits.

“I just ended up spinning my wheels and going nowhere. Despite all the time and effort I put in, nothing changed. I was stuck,” he added. This was Anthony’s breaking point – and he pushed through by investing in help.

For most people, just like Anthony, getting in shape can feel like the biggest challenge – but it’s all a matter of commitment. Almost a thousand students served later, he continues being committed to keeping himself and others fit as a way to pay it forward. With a more holistic approach to wellness, Anthony has managed to set himself apart from the competition by pairing professional fitness training with nutrition coaching. In addition, his reformative regime focuses on the bigger picture of his students, drawing emphasis on time management, time blocking, scheduling, and focusing on main priorities. 

“The only way people can make a healthy lifestyle sustainable is by learning how to get results without being miserable while doing it,” Anthony emphasized as he shared his determination to make sure his teachings stick. “Physical strength leads to mental strength, which leads to financial strength.” This lifelong cycle of small wins turning into big wins is the success strategy he imparts to students.

With Anthony’s experience and expertise taking out all the guesswork in designing fitness regimes, unyielding guidance, and accountability, he is able to help his students take control so they can dominate their health and life goals.


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