Andreas König and Alexander Pecka Share Their Blueprint for Explosive Success through the Institute for E-Commerce

The rapid rise of technology has given birth to many entrepreneurial opportunities, especially within the digital space and beyond. E-commerce has become a massively growing industry, with business owners and consumers consistently driving the growth through a mutual economic relationship. Alexander Pecka and Andreas König, MBA, are among the top entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space dominating the industry and giving back to aspiring entrepreneurs by sharing their coveted blueprint for success.

Alexander Pecka was a former policeman before he even started diving into the world of e-commerce and amassing lifelong success. Andreas König, on the other hand, was an ordinary business student who lived a normal life with a normal income. Together, the acclaimed business partners tested out multiple business ventures that weren’t up to snuff.

In 2018, they had a breakthrough with their own e-commerce brand, which utilized dropshipping strategies and brought them over €10 million in revenue in a span of two years and a half. Nowadays, the wildly successful entrepreneurs are hoping to pass on their knowledge to the lucky few individuals who come across their tried and tested strategies through their company, the Institute for E-Commerce.

The dynamic duo has been consistently touted as a force to be reckoned with in the business industry. They have created a strategy that is often copied by other dropshipping businesses, but the copycats can never replicate the success that Alexander and Andreas have amassed. Countless others have tried, but they’ve all failed because they lack the key principles that Alexander and Andreas teach through their coaching sessions.

Most coaches in the e-commerce industry do not even have good-running and long-term shops themselves. They aren’t credible individuals who have a successful business, but rather coaches that only sell coaching. Alexander and Andreas, however, are the definitive authority when it comes to e-commerce coaching. The esteemed entrepreneurs have a well-running eight-figure e-commerce brand with over 50 employees to whom they pass on their practical knowledge.

Despite the amount of success they have achieved, it hasn’t always been an easy road for the partners. They’ve had countless difficulties with payment providers due to the rapid growth of their company. They became a thorn in the side of their competitors who wanted to bring them down and take them offline. However, the biggest crisis of all was the global pandemic that ravaged multiple industries around the world. Luckily, their brand has managed to power through all the obstacles, rising above and becoming stronger than ever.

Anyone with a little start-up capital and an internet connection can achieve something. Diligence, a little courage and perseverance are necessary to build up a successful and profitable online shop with our help through the Institute for E-Commerce,” explained Alexander and Andreas.

In the near future, the Institute for E-Commerce is poised to become the go-to place for anyone who wants to learn e-commerce and online trade with utmost conviction. Alexander and Andreas envision their brand becoming a 9-figure earning brand with hundreds of employees all over the world within the next three years.

Learn more about the Institute for E-Commerce by visiting the official website. For more information about Alexander and Andreas, make sure to check out their official website as well.


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