Alex Sattley and Network Networth Inc. Disrupting Social Marketing with Innovative Agency Model

Alex Sattley
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Social attention seems to be currency these days, but not everyone wants a part. This fact inspired Alex Sattley to launch his company, Network Networth Inc., a social marketing agency catering to the small percentage of entrepreneurs looking to promote their brands without drawing attention to themselves.

Network Networth Inc. operates on the philosophy that people can achieve success and maintain their desired level of privacy. The company was born out of Alex Sattley’s desire to build a digital empire leveraging social media and the internet. The 28-year-old Los Angeles-born entrepreneur who grew up in Portland, Oregon, has always loved to try new things. Thus, he took advantage of the growing digital world to create a one-of-a-kind agency model that serves entrepreneurs and individuals. Network Networth Inc. is the agency that promotes brands and businesses for brand owners who do not want to bother about doing the promotions and marketing themselves.

Over the years, Alex Sattley has built Network Networth Inc. into a valuable social agency worth millions of dollars. He has turned his attention to other ventures, such as real estate. As an avid traveler with an adventurous mind, Alex Sattley has tried his hands at many things before finding social media marketing as his true calling. He is now building a reputation as one of this decade’s leading brand builder and marketer.

The journey to building Network Networth Inc. began with Alex Sattley learning about social media platforms from a friend in Miami in 2018. He took that knowledge and spun it into the current establishment he runs. “At Network Networth Inc., we help people achieve high income levels without having to market themselves on their social media platforms. Our setup enables people to have the privacy they normally wouldn’t have as successful people. As a result, our high-achieving clients get to go wherever they want and find inspiration without the pressure of showing up to an audience,” Alex explained.

Alex Sattley believes that every successful person needs some help on their journey, and he has positioned himself as the help that many people aiming for success can use on their journey to the top. “I help all my clients start businesses, manage money, and make more than they ever have. In turn, they learn how to make powerful moves, replicate the successful strategy we established and grow in their chosen industry,” Alex said.

On his journey as an entrepreneur, he has benefitted immensely from building a network of like minds and other enterprising individuals who pushed him to learn more and aim higher for his dreams. As a 28-year-old entrepreneur, Alex believes he has a working blueprint for other young entrepreneurs who have their visions set out but have no idea how to achieve them. He has been doing a lot of teaching in his spare time to help other entrepreneurs grow and achieve success. He has also produced some success stories from the knowledge he has imparted to these people. “I try to let people know they have great influence and can be anything they want to be if they are ready to put the work in. If I can become successful in a niche saturated with many experts, then you can too. Simply apply yourself to what you believe in, and you will start rolling in the big bucks in your chosen field. Just remain consistent, stay on your grind and keep your lines of communication open,” Alex said.

In the next few years, he sees himself diving into the real estate industry, owning ten properties and holding a portfolio worth millions of dollars. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, which is why today is the present. I’m reminded daily to live in the present and get things done. Also, it is important for anyone trying to build an empire to go out, see the world and revel in new experiences that motivate them,” he said.

With Network Networth Inc. growing in leaps and bounds as a social marketing agency, Alex Sattley hopes to give entrepreneurs all the motivation they need to pursue their dreams and connect with the right people in their industry through social media.


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