A Winning Network: How Dov Gordon Connects People That Sell

Dov Gordon
Photo Credited to Dov Gordon

Success is not always driven by what you know, but also by who you know. It’s often said that your ability to build a profitable business and survive the market is enhanced greatly through a high-quality network. Dov Gordon is a consultant and coach who has given many growth-minded individuals access to a network of driven entrepreneurs.

As the head of a CEO peer advisory group, Dov had access to many high-level thinkers. It was at this time that he realized that there were millions of people with their own unique skills to offer each other. He quickly expanded from small local meetings of success-driven innovators to global webinars where people could meet, network, and grow as a community. This would prove to be a successful endeavor, as it quickly grew to over 200 members in just a few years.

Dov began to charge a membership for his network. Those who were serious about growth and development stayed on as paying members of the network. This was the beginning of what would become the highly curated network of experts that Dov offers his paid members today through JVMM, where his goal is a return on investment of at least 100x each year for each of his members.

Grow by Learning

The beginning of a dream often starts with a desire to grow. At the time that Dov began to pursue the development of the Profitable Relationships network, he was already plugged into several groups of innovative people. He found that his work as a consultant made him hungry for more knowledge. This search for personal development would eventually lead him to start a paid network that helps facilitate the learning and growth of its members.

Be Hands-On In You Pursuits

Sales aren’t secured by the passive. Dov credits his ability to secure his impressive network of clients to his willingness to get on the phone and do the work when necessary. He found out quickly that the sales process isn’t always easy. As the network developed over time, the sales process proved to be challenging. Dov’s sales cycles were long and the path to a conversion wasn’t an easy one. It took some educational development and hours of cold calls to secure many of his high-level clients. 

Build a Network

Networks are built by a willingness to offer something of value. As traction built for his services, Dov found that he had greater success by focusing on a coaching approach to helping his clients. In order to secure a strong network, he shifted his energy from an aggressive sales approach to an approach that involved giving attention to the needs of each individual member of the network. As he sees to the needs of his network, he’s found that you can’t simply automate away the needs of your clients. Their unique needs require a hands-on approach to make the most of their experience.

Achieve Mastery

It’s well known that luck favors the prepared. Dov’s key to success lies in his ability to find enjoyment in mastering his work. He believes that no matter how much you love your work, something about it will eventually become frustrating and difficult. It takes a desire to develop yourself and care for the needs of your customers to succeed at the things that you love.

Dov is a highly sought-after speaker who has appeared on multiple interviews and podcasts. To learn more about his work and to hear testimonials from the many driven minds that are part of his profitablerelationships.com, where you can hear from his many satisfied clients.


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