A 40-Year Voyage: Bob Campbell’s Insights on Corporate Travel

A 40-Year Voyage: Bob Campbell's Insights on Corporate Travel
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By: Cristine Evans

Campbell Travel’s 40th anniversary is a testament to the corporate travel industry’s resilience, innovation, and leadership. Founded by Bob Campbell, a University of Texas alumnus and four-time recipient of the CEO Dallas 100 award, the company has navigated an ever-changing marketplace with remarkable agility and foresight. Bob Campbell’s journey in the travel industry is not just a story of business success; it’s a narrative that intertwines personal passion with professional excellence. His involvement in various leadership capacities, including contributions to the Boy Scouts, the Gladney Center for Adoption, and several churches and schools, showcases a commitment beyond the boardroom to community service.

In this Q&A, we explore Bob Campbell’s insights and reflections on the evolution of corporate travel, the pivotal role of technology and personal service, and the industry’s future trajectory. Join us as we explore the story of a company that has witnessed and actively shaped the corporate travel landscape over four remarkable decades.

A 40-Year Voyage: Bob Campbell's Insights on Corporate Travel
Photo Courtesy: Campbell Travel

Q: Bob, congratulations on 40 years in the industry. What inspired you to start Campbell Travel?

A: Thank you! The inspiration came from my passion for travel and seeing the gap in the market for a travel agency that truly prioritized customer service and innovative solutions. I wanted to create a company that arranged travel and provided memorable experiences for its clients.

Q: Over the years, how has Campbell Travel stayed ahead in a constantly evolving industry?

A: It’s all about adaptation and foresight. We’ve always embraced technology, but not at the cost of personal touch. Balancing tech advancements with human-centered service has been key. We constantly assess new trends and adapt our services accordingly, ensuring we always provide our clients with the best value.

Q: What have been some of the biggest challenges and successes for Campbell Travel?

A: The travel industry is inherently dynamic, so challenges like market fluctuations and evolving customer expectations are constant. One of our biggest successes has been maintaining high customer satisfaction through these challenges, thanks to our dedicated team and their commitment to exceptional service.

Q: How has corporate travel changed since you started, and what trends do you see shaping the future?

A: With self booking technology; Corporate travel has become much easier for the traveler to book. No longer does one need to wait in que to speak with an Advisor. However, a traveler can easily speak with an Advisor for questions, thoughts, and trip selection advice.

Q: What role do you see technology playing in the future of corporate travel?

A: Technology will continue to be a significant player, especially in streamlining processes and enhancing personalization. However, the human element will remain vital. The future lies in seamlessly integrating technology to enhance, not replace, the human aspect of travel services.

Q: With Campbell Travel’s focus on innovation, could you tell us more about how Cytric Easy is changing the way your clients manage corporate travel?

A: Absolutely! Cytric Easy is a game-changer for corporate travel. It’s more than just an online booking tool; it’s an integrated solution that transforms how businesses approach travel planning. By embedding Cytric Easy directly into Microsoft Teams, we’re bringing travel management into the collaborative space where our clients already work. This integration allows for seamless planning, booking, and managing of travel, all within a familiar platform. 

Our clients can book flights, cars, and hotels, manage their itineraries, and even connect with colleagues in the area for meetings, all through Microsoft Teams. It’s about making corporate travel more efficient, collaborative, and connected, aligning perfectly with our vision at Campbell Travel to enhance the travel experience through innovative technology while maintaining our focus on personalized service​​.

Q: With your extensive experience, what advice would you give to someone entering the corporate travel industry today?

A: I suggest focusing on building relationships and understanding client needs deeply. The industry is more than just booking travel; it’s about creating experiences and solving problems. Stay adaptable and embrace technology, but always maintain sight of the personal touch.

Q: As CEO, how do you ensure Campbell Travel maintains its vision and values?

A: It’s about setting a clear vision and leading by example. We foster a culture of innovation, customer focus, and continuous improvement. 

Q: Finally, what’s next for Campbell Travel? Any exciting plans for the future?

A: We continually explore new technologies and partnerships to enhance our service offerings. We focus on expanding our global footprint while staying true to our commitment to personalized, high-quality service. The future is bright, and we’re excited to continue our journey in the corporate travel space.


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