5 Tips On How To Hold Business Meetings in Germany

Business travel often plays a huge role. A business trip has specific goals and tasks that employees must fulfill—for example, successfully concluding a deal, selling products, and maintaining communication with a client or partner. Let’s discuss communication features with the Germans and recognize how to deal with them. So imagine you are flying on a business trip to Frankfurt, and you need to achieve goals.

Transportation: Car, Bike or the Bus Charter Frankfurt?

The process of comfortable movement during a business trip is one of the most important components of travel because the state of employees in future negotiations and work depends on it. Therefore, if you are traveling with a large company and plan to travel not only within the city but also within the country, it is evident that starting your journey with Bus charter Frankfurt is better:

  1. You can easily find bus rentals in Frankfurt, for example, BCS Travel.
  2. Coach rentals in Frankfurt will allow you to move around the city and complete work tasks faster.
  3. The Frankfurt bus company will quite easily save you money.

If you plan a business trip alone, a car or even a bike for rent can be suitable for you, which you would also easily find in any city. It will also give you freedom of movement, comfort and money savings. So no matter what you choose – car, bike or coach hire in Frankfurt, remember that a comfortable journey is available everywhere! 

What is the Language of Communication?

Representatives of German companies negotiate in English. Even if the communicating sides do not agree on the language, German companies often have translation specialists on staff. However, it is essential to know that the language of business is the language of the customer. So if you are going to Germany as a customer, you can not bother to find a translator or an employee who knows the language. However, if your task is to accept an order or negotiate a profitable deal, you should pay attention to the language.

German Punctuality and Accuracy are not a Stereotype

The Germans begin to conduct negotiations immediately after acquaintance. They are not used to spending time trying to establish close ties to move on to business issues. In the course of discussions, this happens by itself. All business-related issues are being discussed gradually. Punctuality is a particularly distinctive feature of the Germans. You need to appear at meetings a few minutes earlier; otherwise, there may be an opinion about the unreliability of a business partner.

In case of unforeseen circumstances, it is better to reschedule the meeting for another time. In Germany, it is accepted that negotiations, meetings and other business events are never interrupted by phone calls or random visitors.

Presentation is important

Companies or representatives should approach the preparation of business presentations very carefully.. Representatives of German companies are interested in their saturation and brightness. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the proper documentation. Furthermore, it will help if you pay attention to your humor because the Germans take such events seriously.

The tactic of “from high price to low” does not work on German businessmen

Germany has a negative attitude towards brisk trade. There is no need to set too high a price. The business people of this country are famous for their firmness and clear planned positions in the business. Based on this, it is pointless to persuade them in some way or apply pressure tactics.

Business is eternal attentiveness, perseverance and knowledge. Therefore, develop and be attentive on business trips!


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