“You’ll love it, or it’s free”: Peak Pure & Natural® offers the best guarantee in the nutritional supplement business

Established in 2013, Peak Pure & Natural® was founded with one goal– to naturally support the millions of people living with cardiovascular issues and the millions more with a family history of heart complications, cholesterol, blood pressure, and other health conditions associated with aging.

Since heart-related problems plagued the founders’ families from a young age, they decided to concentrate their research on sourcing natural ingredients to formulate the most effective and highest quality natural cardiovascular remedies to support overall heart health. Peak Cardio Platinum was created for the founders’ grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles and the millions of people affected by the leading cause of death in the United States. 

The success of Peak Pure & Natural’s cardiovascular products led to the development of a wide variety of proprietary nutritional supplement products that address the health concerns of mature adults. Formulas are offered to support bladder, colon, thyroid, liver, brain, blood pressure, blood sugar, digestion, vision health and more. 

Because the owners take their own formulas and know they work they decided early on to stand behind Peak Pure & Natural products with a “lifetime” satisfaction guarantee. This means that consumers can take as much time as they need to see if the product is working as promised. They can take three months, six months, or even a year or more to decide if they’re experiencing positive benefits. If not, the customer can send back the bottles for a full refund of the total purchase price, even if the bottles have been opened or are empty. 

Peak Pure & Natural also offers their “Peak of Transparency Promise” which helps to ensure that it’s easy for customers to identify exactly what’s in their supplement product with designations that indicate the product contains Non-GMO ingredients, is certified organic, vegetarian, gluten-free or contains any of the most common allergens. They also have adopted a “Clean Label Guarantee” which means the products are manufactured without the synthetic fillers commonly used in supplement manufacturing..

Additionally, Peak Pure & Natural only manufactures in U.S. located FDA Registered and Inspected Facilities and requires its manufacturing partners to be NSF® Certified. This means that NSF® International routinely and independently inspects each facility to ensure that all FDA cGMP requirements are met constantly and consistently.

All raw materials are sourced from qualified suppliers who have been vetted and audited by the Quality Assurance team of their manufacturing partners. Each raw material is evaluated for its authenticity and purity to ensure that the products contain only the purest, highest-quality ingredients. Consumers can trust that the label accurately depicts the ingredients found in the supplement.

Peak Pure & Natural has made it its mission to produce only high-quality, pure, and natural nutritional supplements. All products are formulated with proven, scientifically-demonstrated ingredients that support  the health concern the product addresses. They are formulated with the appropriate serving amount as dictated by the clinical studies done on the individual nutrients. That gives customers the best chance to experience the positive health benefits they promise. The company guarantees that it will never sell “kitchen sink” formulas with an excessive number of individual ingredients that contain less than the amount required to experience positive results, in contrast to the multitude of low-quality nutritional supplement formulas currently on the market. 

Peak Pure & Natural stands firmly behind every formula they sell and will refund 100% of the purchase price if the customer is dissatisfied for any reason.

Peak Pure & Natural believes that quality does not have to be costly. This is why the company offers quantity discounts on every product they sell, keeping it cost-effective for users to continue taking the products  that are highly beneficial to their life, health, and well-being. Plus, U.S. shipping is free for every purchase of 3 or more products.

You can visit Peak Pure & Natural’s website to learn more about the company and purchase any of its products.


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