Yoly Avalos on the Importance of Being a Conscious Leader in the Current Business Landscape

Business is not for the faint of heart. Entrepreneurs and c-level executives constantly face challenges that they need to resolve on the go. Nevertheless, several esteemed business personalities started from the ground up and established a name for themselves through grit and hard work. 

Yoly Avalos is a conscious entrepreneur and intuitive business strategist with extensive experience creating international organizations. She has spent many years in chief executive roles and helped startups scale and expand from their early to their growth stages. One of her latest ventures is a technology company called Bquate, where she currently serves as the Executive Chair and Chief Strategist. 

Bquate, helps established music and media companies scale with intention. The way it does this is by giving them the technology infrastructure to run their businesses without having to build or maintain their own internal platform. Bquate has become the technology arm for many of its top-level customers.

Through Yoly’s efforts and strategies, her company has experienced exponential growth, expanding digitally to key markets in the Asia Pacific region, which is currently their biggest market after the United States. The technology company has also penetrated fast-growing emerging markets.

The seasoned strategist not only brings her experience in innovation to her work. She takes a conscious approach to leadership by tapping into her creative skills, strategic thinking and intuitive abilities, to create a solid foundation for her businesses. These bring about an unparallel capacity to build projects, business models, and solutions that help other leaders thrive and companies scale.

As the woman at the helm, Yoly leads with the heart and maintains a human-centered approach to how she scales her businesses. Strategy, intuition, tenacity and business acumen have been vital to building her team and company culture, which she takes pride in. As a professional who has served in chief executive roles for over a decade, Yoly has faced significant amounts of responsibility from a very young age, growing companies from inception to consolidation and leading their scaling and funding efforts, which is not an easy feat. 

A few years ago, Yoly came to realize how crucial it is to find fulfillment in work and life to become the best version of oneself. She would take a holistic approach to her personal growth while growing her business ventures. Spirituality and mindfulness play an essential role in her leadership, aspects of life that Yoly believes have been pivotal to her professional achievements. Accordingly, she advocates a conscious approach to leadership, maintaining that it gives leaders a strategic edge while allowing them to focus on things that truly matter.

To do that, Yoly encourages people to find a mission and passion that can drive them to look beyond the challenge. “People should only work on ideas they are genuinely passionate about,” she explains. “The journey is not easy, but passion and purpose will propel them and encourage them to endure long enough to achieve their vision and desired level of success.” 

Yoly also recommends that leaders take on mindfulness practices and prioritize self-care. While these often take a backseat for executives and entrepreneurs, Yoly believes that scaling a company will be extremely difficult without them.


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