Where Can Immigrants Without Language Skills Look For Work?

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In 2021, approximately 1.8 million temporary workers moved to the United States to support their families back home. Finding a job in New York for Ukrainians or other major cities without knowing the language is the primary concern for those who have already immigrated to the country or are planning to do so. To get an answer to this, read the article carefully.

Best Places to Work for Immigrants

Finding employment in the United States without experience and language skills is not a problem today. Supermarkets, delivery services, dining establishments, and more offer vacancies.

Drivers, cleaners, and nannies are also excellent job opportunities for immigrants, and they don’t require deep knowledge of English, special skills, or higher education. Therefore, they are suitable for a first job.

In high demand are such professions:

1. Movers (loaders): Workers involved in transporting belongings during moves. In this field, there are specialists at three levels:

  • Loader: This term refers to any loader who performs a wide range of tasks, including moving household appliances and furniture from the house and loading them into the vehicle.
  • Stevedore: Professionals who are knowledgeable about maritime transport. You can find such specialists only in ports involved in the loading/unloading of ships.
  • Longshoreman: Movers who often work temporarily and on a hire basis. They independently unload cargo holds and deliver crates with goods to the dock (and vice versa).

2. Nannies and domestic workers: This is a fairly in-demand job for immigrants. The main criteria are the ability to communicate with children, diligence, and honesty. This type of work is more suitable for women.

3. Cable technicians: The responsibilities of cable TV and internet installation technicians include laying and repairing cables and cell phone wires and servicing subscribers and customer equipment. The main requirements for candidates are:

a. Good physical fitness

b. Endurance

c. Attention to detail

d. Carefulness

e. No fear of heights

This vacancy is intended for men.

  1. Caregivers and specialists in the care of the elderly/seriously ill: Duties include assisting with mobility, conducting personal hygiene procedures, and providing similar services. Workers are entrusted with a significant mission – social adaptation and psychological support for elderly/sick individuals. This profession is suitable for both men and women with good physical fitness.
  2. Builders and general laborers: These are in-demand and valuable specialists. Working on a construction site is not easy, but it pays well. Requirements include endurance, knowledge of the job, and basic experience in construction. This job is suitable for strong and resilient men.

To find a job in the USA more quickly, use the popular classified ads board BAZAR.club.

What Is the Wage in Different U.S. States?

The USA is a large country with a diverse economy. Each state has its own manufacturing capabilities and specialization. Therefore, the level of wages in the country varies depending on the region.

Thus, the highest average wages (per year) are in states such as:

  1. Massachusetts – $76,600.
  2. New York – $74,870.
  3. California – $73,220. 
  4. Washington – $72,350.   
  5. New Jersey – $70,890. 
  6. Maryland – $69,750.
  7. Connecticut – $69,310.
  8. Colorado – $67,870.      
  9. Alaska – $66,130.
  10.  Virginia – $65,590.   

An immigrant’s salary in the USA also depends on other factors. First and foremost, this includes language proficiency, education, work experience, and the possession of certificates from completed courses. The wage rate also varies in different companies and for different positions.

So, based on the professions mentioned above, here are the hourly rates (according to the latest data from Indeed):

  • Mover/Driver – $19.64.
  • Babysitter/Nanny and Housekeeper – $20.96 and $14.58.
  • Cable technician – $40.55.
  • Nurse and Home attendant – $39.51 and $12.80.
  • Builders and Handyman – $19.83 and $21.43.

Where to Find a Job for Newcomers?

You can explore the job market and find job offers for immigrants in the US through various methods:

  1. Online resources: This is a common method for job searching. It allows you to choose job vacancies even before moving to the US by researching specific requirements in your field. For those who speak Ukrainian, Russian, English, or Polish, the internet portal BAZAR.club is convenient. Here, you can post an advertisement or use the job catalog to find a job that suits your preferences. This resource also contains useful information about life and employment in the USA.
  2. Social media channels and groups: You can find work for immigrants in the USA by subscribing to and engaging with online platforms such as USAJOBS, AlaskaJobFinder, Indeed, Glassdoor, Telegram messenger, and the social network LinkedIn.
  3. Recommendations from friends and relatives: This method is suitable for those who have contacts in the Ukrainian diaspora or are moving to the USA to be with family.

How to Find a Job in the USA: 6 Useful Tips from Immigrants

To secure a well-paying position in the USA, follow these recommendations:

  1. Research all job listings and resumes related to your desired field in the city/state you prefer.
  2. Use key phrases from job listings in your resume to increase your chances of success.
  3. Start taking tests and obtaining licenses from the very first days after entering the country.
  4. Be proactive: post your resume on various platforms and browse websites and social networks.
  5. Prepare yourself for rejections from employers, and don’t stop because of difficulties.
  6. Use additional services like job fairs, recruiting agencies, or register on the job exchange.

In the United States, it’s possible to earn a decent income even without prior work experience, formal education, or knowledge of the English language. The key is to know which job opportunities to focus on and to use trusted resources for job searching, such as classified ad boards like BAZAR.club.


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