What Is Undetectable AI? Meet the New AI Bot and its Creators

What Is Undetectable AI? Meet the new AI bot and its creators
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Ever since the first AI chatbot was introduced in 2022, ChatGPT users have grown to over 180 million, with dozens of AI competitors currently online. One AI presence that’s currently making business headlines: Undetectable AI.

Introduced in May of 2023, Undetectable AI has already attracted millions of users in just one year with its innovative, problem-solving generative AI tools. After specialized testing and comparison with several competing AI tools, Undetectable AI was named #1 in its class by Forbes

Testers with Forbes’ Technology Innovation group praised Undetectable AI’s user-friendly interface, which only requires content to be copied and pasted into the tool. They were also improved by the tool’s ability to support up to 10,000 characters per analysis and accurately recognize text produced by GPT-3 and -4, Bard, Claude, and other popular AI chatbots.

Leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and sophisticated paraphrasing techniques, Undetectable is ideal for writers, bloggers, researchers, and content creators seeking to generate undetectable content. Its sophisticated paraphrasing techniques and humanizing technology produce truly unique, SEO-optimized material.

Testing has proven that Undetectable-enhanced data is truly undetectable, even by popular AI detection tools like GPTZero, Copyleaks, and OpenAI.

More Tools. More Power.

In addition to transforming text materials from a variety of sources that are largely undetectable by the AI detection tools currently online, Undetectable AI also provides tools for creating SEO blogs and humanizing existing content. 

Another tool, an Application Programming Interface (API), enables users to integrate Undetectable AI’s Humanizer tool into their existing system.

Undetectable’s primary tools provide a truly global reach. In addition to English text data, multilingual text detection and humanization support is available for the world’s most common languages, Chinese and Spanish. Dozens of additional global languages, from Afrikaans to Vietnamese, are also supported.

Founders of Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI is the creation of co-founders CEO Christian Perry and CTO Bars Juhasz, alongside pre-launch founder Devan Leos. All are involved with the creation and development of the company’s growing collection of AI tools. 

Chief Executive Officer Christian Perry has focused on maintaining profitability while guiding Undetectable AI to notable growth, building a user base of over 5 million in only 12 months. Currently, he oversees a team of 25 computer scientists and CSRs. Holder of two business degrees, Perry was the first-prize winner of his school’s Entrepreneur Challenge before graduation.

Chief Technology Officer Bars Juhasz shares his skills from his education at England’s prestigious Loughborough University, where he was the first Ph.D. student to create an adversarial AI model that enabled generative text to bypass detection efforts.  

Chief Communications Officer Devan Leos brings nearly a decade of media and public relations experience to undetectable, making sure that the brand’s message is communicated clearly. As the former CEO of DDigital, Leos knows leadership and communications strategy well.

Current Offerings

In addition to providing highly reliable tools for converting AI-generated data to humanized text that’s undetectable by AI detection tools, Undetectable AI offers an additional array of tools for business, student, and consumer use. These include:

AI SEO Writer: Produces highly optimized, keyword-researched articles for users in two simple steps. After a user answers a series of questions about the proposed blog article, AI SEO Writer produces an article written as if a talented blogger had composed it, containing the SEO data required to attract more of the desired site visitors.

ChatGPT Detector: Designed to identify ChatGPT’s language model and research algorithms, this tool is particularly useful for users of the premiere AI chatbot.

Application Programming Interface (API): This enables users to integrate Undetectable AI’s Humanizer tool into their existing system.

Other tools available at the undetectable.ai com website include an AI Paraphraser, an AI Plagiarism Detector, and an AI Stealth Writer.

Take a Free Test Drive

Undetectable AI’s array of products and services is the ultimate solution for anyone creating AI-generated text. 

Business, student, and consumer users trust Undetectable AI to provide services that eliminate the risk of being flagged as artificial while enhancing any article with a humanized style.

Plans and Pricing

Monthly and annual usage plans are available for individuals and businesses. 

Business Plans

Undetectable AI’s services are particularly useful for companies that need to process large volumes of text-based data quickly and accurately. These include healthcare, entertainment, finance, legal, and marketing.

Business plans are customized and negotiable in accordance with expected usage levels. They include: 

  • Non-expiring credits
  • Redistribution and white labeling
  • API compatibility
  • Priority support from trained CSRs
  • Unlimited Human Auto Typer
  • Unlimited AI Detection

Individual Plans

Undetectable also serves a vast array of individuals, from self-employed to blogging hobbyists to students. Individual subscriber plans include:

  • Unlimited AI detection and Human auto-typer services
  • High-quality, legible content
  • Data that’s watermark- and future-proof
  • Text compatible with existing APIs


In just one short year, Undetectable AI has established itself as a powerhouse in the rapidly evolving field of generative AI.

By combining cutting-edge algorithms, sophisticated paraphrasing techniques, and an intuitive user interface, Undetectable AI enables users to create high-quality, humanized content that is virtually indistinguishable from text written by humans. 

Whether you’re a business looking to process large volumes of data, a content creator seeking to generate engaging and SEO-optimized articles, or an individual aiming to enhance your writing with a more natural style, Undetectable AI has the tools and expertise to meet your needs. 

With a commitment to innovation and a growing user base of over 5 million, Undetectable AI is poised to remain at the forefront of the AI revolution for years to come.

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