Trend: Most Instagram Accounts Actively Use The Explore Tab; Here’s How Influencers Can Capitalize According to

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms anyone can use to promote their products and services in 2023 and beyond. The primary demographic for the social media platform is 25 to 24 years old, an age group that is both a digital native and a viable spender. The statistics reflect this theory, as 81% of “Instagrammers” use the platform for researching new products and services. 

Instagram’s Explore page compiles content based on each user’s unique interests. The platform’s algorithm selects what to show users based on their consistent activity when using the application. For users, this is a way to discover new personalities, brands, and companies to support. Individuals and businesses are finding ways to get themselves on the page, as it is one of the most effective and efficient ways to grow followers. This ultimately leads to selling more of their products and services or gaining more engagement.

How the Instagram Explore page works

As with any social media platform, Instagram uses an algorithm that considers many factors. Instagram uses a Feed Ranking System to customize each user’s feed and Explore page, utilizing machine learning to gather ranking signals that choose what to display. The posts are ranked and displayed based on various criteria. Engagement, freshness, content quality, and relevance are some of these elements.

Simplistically, Instagram chooses accounts and posts that are most likely to engage the user based on the accounts they or their connections follow or posts they or their connections have interacted with.

How to potentially get on the Explore page according to

Getting Instagram to prioritize an account for the Explore page can be tough, but nothing beats genuine content posted at the most optimal time. It sounds simple, but this trial-and-error process takes a while since it requires consistent posting and a significant amount of followers for the data to be accurate.

An Instagram user can also run paid ads to reach new audiences, although this might be a costly trial if they don’t have any background in running paid ads. They might do it blindly or hire an expert who may or may not garner the intended results. Most account owners end up burning money on paid ads that do not actually perform. 

Both ways center on the active engagement of an account’s followers list. That said, Instagram users can opt to consider a backdoor process to increase an account’s chances of getting into Instagram’s explore page – buying high-quality and active followers. The algorithm may pick up a spike in the number of followers as an increase in activity. Subsequently, the spike can push the account to the connections that follow it. This may create a chain reaction of “pings” in Instagram’s algorithm. offers high-quality Instagram followers, likes, and views that are delivered fast. 

More benefits of buying followers 

Getting on the explore page is just one of the many possible effects of getting a spike in an account’s followers. Businesses reach out to individuals with millions of social media followers and pay them to advertise their products. Many who have purchased millions of real followers from are making five figures from endorsing other businesses’ products. Having a significant following demonstrates one’s influence and ability to effect change, so they are also openly spreading their message seen by millions of people. 


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