Transforming Pet Health Management: Discover the Power of PetGenius’ AI-Driven Health Assistant

Transforming Pet Health Management: Discover the Power of PetGenius' AI-Driven Health Assistant
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The world of pet care is witnessing a revolution, thanks to, a cutting-edge app designed to provide pet owners with an innovative and personalized way to manage their pets’ health needs. Founded by John Hageman, a military veteran and experienced veterinarian, and his son Erik Hageman, an AI software entrepreneur. is driven by a mission to make pet care more accessible, affordable, and effective for pet owners of all backgrounds and budgets.

John’s 40 years of experience in the pet health industry and Erik’s expertise in AI software development and veterinary hospital management have led to the creation of PetGenius’ AI-powered pet health assistant. This pet health assistant offers personalized support, emotional care, and advanced features to manage pets’ health needs, making it one of the leading apps in the pet health industry.

PetGenius stands out for its unique features, such as personalized support that allows pet owners to upload their pet’s information, including health records, vaccination schedules, and medication history. The app also offers a premium chat function, giving subscribers access to their chat history and pet files, making it easy to resume conversations where they left off. The app’s alerts ensure that users are aware of critical issues related to their pet’s health.

In addition to providing innovative solutions for pet owners, PetGenius demonstrates a commitment to animal welfare and advocacy. The company regularly donates supplies to local animal shelters and aims to partner with animal welfare organizations to provide additional support and resources for pet owners in need.

The father-son duo behind is passionate about empowering pet owners to take control of their pets’ health needs and providing the best possible care for all pets. Their unique blend of professional expertise, personal love for animals, and dedication to their mission has made a game-changer in the world of pet care.

Experience the future of pet care by exploring’s innovative app and join on their mission to provide the best care possible for pets, making a positive impact on the lives of pets and their owners.


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