This San Francisco Based Company Is Revolutionizing Brain Imaging with FDA-Approved Technology

This San Francisco Based Company Is Revolutionizing Brain Imaging with FDA-Approved Technology

With the North American magnetic resonance imaging market size projected to surpass the 5 billion dollar mark by 2029 at a commanding CAGR of 5.96% in accordance with reports by Mordor Intelligence, the medical technology community sees great promise in disruptive solutions that have the potential to capture an outsized portion of this burgeoning market.

Companies like San Francisco based neuro42 are at the forefront of this growth trajectory with an announcement that has captured the attention of industry insiders, investors and physicians: the recent FDA clearance for its state of the art portable and compact brain MRI scanner.

While fast-paced innovation brings patients one step closer to a world in which better, more efficient point-of-care imaging helps redefine neurological diagnostics and treatment, we are reminded of the challenges still ahead as the majority of traditional MRI systems, despite their diagnostic prowess, are hampered by their enormity, complexity, and the major inconvenience of having to transport patients to specialized imaging suites; Which in some cases can have a life changing effect for patients and their families, not only by delaying diagnosis but because transportation is also prone to exacerbate patients’ conditions, especially in critical, time-sensitive scenarios.

Abhita Batra, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of neuro42 believes that her platform, which provides portability, ease of access and superior imaging solutions supported by a series of innovative and inspiring integrations, such as the combination of MRI technology with AI and robotics, has the potential to become a major difference maker for healthcare providers and patients.

With its FDA-approved, portable brain MRI scanner, neuro42 introduces a solution that brings the scanner to the patient, dramatically cutting down the time from symptom onset to diagnosis and treatment.

Beyond its portability, neuro42’s MRI technology integrates advanced AI and robotics, enhancing imaging precision and enabling real-time, image-guided interventions. This integration represents a leap forward in patient care, particularly in diagnosing and treating neurological diseases where accuracy and speed are paramount.

“We are thrilled to announce the FDA clearance of our bedside MRI product, our team has been focused on making a difference in patient care, and now we can finally arm healthcare providers with a valuable tool to improve accessibility to neuroimaging,” Batra stated in their press release.

As we delve into the MRI market’s current state, neuro42’s offerings stand out for their innovative approach to overcoming traditional MRI limitations. Their focus on intraoperative imaging, combined with the strategic use of AI and robotics, positions neuro42 to significantly impact how neurological conditions are diagnosed and treated.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s recent 510(k) clearance of neuro42’s brain MRI scanner is not just a regulatory milestone; it’s a powerful validation of the technology’s potential to enhance and save lives. This approval, which has not gone unnoticed by the investment community, sets the stage for neuro42’s upcoming Series B round, after already having raised $18 million to date.

With over 30 defensible patents, neuro42´s product mix includes the portable brain MRI platform, a robot to assist with neurosurgical procedures, artificial intelligence software for enhanced imaging and tissue characterization, and procedure related consumables. 


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