The Women Behind The Designs: JP and Harper are America’s Emerging Fashion Icons

JP and Harper
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Today’s fashion trends frequently change and fluctuate, resulting in a tough competitive market. To stand out in the fashion industry, you have to be unique, yet tasteful. Above all, you need to have a strong understanding of how to run your fashion business. It is a tough industry, and most new brands fail within the first five years. However, every now and again, you run into a new brand that has the perfect combination of business acumen and a strong sense of fashion. JP HARPER NYC®️ is one of those brands. . Jacqueline Purcell & Shanda Harper, the duo behind the brand JP HARPER NYC®️, are making a statement in the fashion scene with their disruptive designs. Since launching their brand in 2019, they have built a globally recognized brand that is appealing to celebrities and fashionistas looking to rule the room with their wardrobe.

Beauty and Grace

The quickly emerging fashion brand was founded by two former teen-moms who met and quickly bonded over their love of fashion. “Our entire twenties was spent exploring alternate ways to make an artistic statement by designing and creating wearable art that spoke to our unique personalities and fashion esthetic,” says JP and Harper. 

The pair’s shared love of beauty and fashion evolved into a desire to build their own fashion company. It’s hard for JP and Harper to describe their design process, but both women agree that their ability to find inspiration in everything around them is inherently a God-given talent. This natural ability has manifested in the designs that they create. “The Metamorphosis from a simple piece of fabric to beautiful garments sold to fashionistas around the world is mind-blowing.” 

Trusting The Timing

Despite their dream of building a business based on their shared love of fashion and design, it would be a while before JP and Harper saw their dream come to life. For almost two decades, JP and Harper would maintain their dream of starting the business, but life kept them from turning their full attention to the endeavor. “At one point we tried to start a clothing line, but between balancing family, school and work, the timing wasn’t right.” Not a duo to give up on their dreams, JP and Harper raised their children and when the time was right, they turned their attention back to their dreams. Still it was a game of timing. In 2017, the women launched an online strip eyelash brand, Fat Ass Lashes. The brand quickly gained the attention of bloggers, makeup artists and influencers around the world. Although they initially built the brand online, they also saw continued success at their Kiosk in the Menlo Park Mall in NJ. Additionally, they hosted several wildly successful pop ups at Henri Bendel. With the rise and success of their eyelash company, the women knew it was time to set their sights on the big dream. Following the same blueprint that gave them success with Fat Ass Lashes, JP and Harper decided to take the next step by launching JP HARPER NYC®️ as an online fashion brand.

More Than a Passion

JP and Harper are driven by the philosophy that everyone has a gift to share with the world, no matter their circumstance. The challenge for many is identifying what that passion, purpose or gift is. “If it wakes you out of your sleep, makes your heart smile or persistently tugs at your spirit – that is the gift!” Sounds simple enough right? The mindset that the thing you give the most attention to is what you’re destined to do. And it was that exact mindset that led them to persevere even when building their dream presented a myriad of challenges. JP and Harper’s perseverance, combined with their eye for creating fashion has led them to establish a brand that has quickly gained international recognition among celebrities and fashionistas around the world.

More Than Fashion

It may have started out as a childhood fantasy of two best friends who love fashion, but the many years of hard-work and patience have allowed JP and Harper to create a flourishing fashion brand, which by all accounts is a fairytale come true. Being able to turn their childhood vision into reality and share it with the rest of the world is an amazing accomplishment. While grateful for their success, JP and Harper refuse to settle.

As they continue to grow their brand, the duo are consistently exploring new ways to inspire women to follow their dreams. This desire has led them to find ways to give back and encourage others as they continue to build their own success. Through their upcoming book collaboration, “Girl, Boss Up and Lead!,” JP and Harper share a small part of their journey from teen-moms to CEO’s – a story that they hope motivates other young dreamers to chase their goals. If you are interested in learning more about JP and Harper’s designs and future plans, be sure to check out their website at JP HARPER NYC.


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