5 Private Networks for Today’s Business Leaders

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You’ve probably heard the saying “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, originally stated by the late author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn.

It’s no secret that having access to a powerful network of movers and shakers is one of the keys to business success. In today’s fast-paced business world, this is especially true. Establishing strong connections and building relationships with like-minded individuals can be instrumental in achieving what we most want in life.

Private networks offer an exclusive platform for business leaders to collaborate, exchange insights, and foster valuable connections. This article explores the top five private networks for today’s business leaders: YPO, The Human Gathering, Chief, The Harvard Business Alumni Network, and Tiger 21.


YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) is a renowned global network for chief executives. Founded in 1950, it has evolved into a powerful community of more than 29,000 business leaders in over 130 countries. YPO provides a unique platform for its members to engage in confidential forums, executive education programs, and social events. With a focus on peer-to-peer learning, YPO encourages personal growth and professional development. Business leader and YPO member Warren Rustand emphasizes the significance of such networks, stating, “Relationships are the currency of business. The value of YPO is the ability to create deep relationships with like-minded individuals from diverse industries.”

The Human Gathering:

The Human Gathering is an exclusive private network founded by Joshua Jordison and Wes Chapman. This invitation-only, intentionally curated network brings together exceptional leaders, innovators, and disruptors across various industries. In addition to connecting digitally in a multitude of ways, The Human Gathering hosts exclusive events that foster meaningful conversations, spark collaborations, and ignite new ideas. The Founders believe in the power of connections, noting, “The most important part of our lives is relationships.” By curating an environment that encourages genuine interactions and authentic relationships, The Human Gathering enables business leaders to forge valuable connections and gain fresh perspectives. Most importantly and uniquely, The Human Gathering is known for helping its members become lifelong friends and support each other in an environment of sacred trust. 


Chief is a private network designed specifically for women in senior leadership positions. With a mission to empower and support women on their professional journeys, Chief offers a trusted space for members to connect, learn, and grow. Through monthly peer advisory groups, leadership development programs, and networking events, Chief facilitates collaboration and mentorship among its diverse community of executives. Lindsay Kaplan, Chief Operating Officer of Chief, emphasizes the role of relationships, stating, “The most successful people in business aren’t just good at business—they’re good at relationships.”

Harvard Business Alumni Network:

Harvard Business Alumni Network serves as an influential private network for graduates of Harvard Business School. With over 80,000 members worldwide, this network offers a robust platform for professionals to engage in thought leadership, career development, and lifelong learning. The network hosts global events, webinars, and industry-specific gatherings to foster connections and facilitate knowledge sharing among its accomplished members. Renowned business leader and Harvard Business School alumnus Jeff Immelt highlights the importance of relationships, stating, “Relationships matter. They are essential to business success and personal fulfillment.”

Tiger 21:

Tiger 21 (The Investment Group for Enhanced Results in the 21st Century) is a private network composed of high-net-worth individuals who come together to discuss investments, wealth preservation, and personal development. Members meet in small groups, known as “Tiger Groups,” to engage in confidential peer-to-peer learning, sharing investment insights, and exploring new opportunities. Exclusively for ultra high net worth individuals, Tiger 21 focuses on impact and meaning. 

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