The Montrealers Transforming Manhattan’s Skyline: Matt Auerbach and Georges Berberi of Samfet Marble

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When it comes to high-end, large-scale developments in Manhattan, the name Samfet Marble is one that stands out. And behind this leading supplier and project management firm are the two executive partners, Matt Auerbach and Georges Berberi.

“Some of the top developers in New York, Miami, and abroad have come to trust Samfet because of our project-oriented approach,” says Matt Auerbach. “We don’t just sell marble, we work with developers from start to finish to ensure that the right stone for the project is delivered on time and on budget.”

Georges Berberi adds, “Samfet has been a part of Manhattan for decades. Working with top architects like ZAHA HADID has been the privilege of a lifetime.”

Their unique approach to sourcing, collaboration, design, and execution has undeniably solidified Samfet Marble’s position as a leading name in the realm of natural stone and related products. A testament to their success is the caliber of professionals that comprise their team, which stands at 85 strong. These individuals are not just employees; they are leaders in their respective fields, each contributing their expertise to create a dynamic synergy within the company. This formidable team is the backbone of Samfet’s ability to bring even the most complex and ambitious design concepts to fruition.

The diverse skills and experiences of Samfet’s professionals enable the company to tackle projects that push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. From intricate sculptures and bespoke flooring to massive architectural facades, Samfet’s portfolio showcases an impressive range of accomplishments. The company’s continued commitment to excellence, coupled with their exceptional team, ensures that they will remain at the forefront of the natural stone industry, making their mark on projects that demand nothing but the best.

Their luxurious marble and natural stone can be found in some of the most prestigious and stunning buildings in Manhattan. For instance, the MOMA Tower Apartments at 53 West 53rd Street, designed by Jean Nouvel, is adorned with the sumptuous and rare Calacatta Gold marble sourced by Samfet. And the stunning 520 W 28th Street by Zaha Hadid features sleek lines and elegant finishes made possible by the luxurious marble and stone provided by Samfet.

Perhaps one of the most impressive projects that Samfet has been a part of is the massive Hudson Yards, the largest private real estate development in the United States. Samfet’s materials can be found in many of the buildings in the development, including the sleek and modern Fifteen Hudson Yards.

But it’s not just about the beauty of the materials. Samfet’s commitment to sustainability is evident in every project they take on. They work closely with their suppliers to ensure that the materials they use are responsibly sourced and produced. And they take great care in ensuring that their manufacturing process is as eco-friendly as possible.

With over half a century of proven experience, Samfet Marble has left an indelible mark on Manhattan’s iconic skyline. The enduring legacy of their work is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence in the natural stone industry. The visionary leadership of executive partners, Matt Auerbach and Georges Berberi, has been pivotal in propelling the company to new heights. Their enduring partnership has been marked by a dedication to innovation and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

Auerbach and Berberi continue to steer Samfet towards a future marked by collaboration with top developers, architects, and designers. Their collective efforts aim not only to create visually stunning spaces but also to imbue them with sustainability and longevity. In a rapidly changing world, their emphasis on sustainable construction practices and the use of durable materials underscores their forward-thinking approach. Samfet’s legacy in shaping Manhattan’s skyline is secure, and with Auerbach and Berberi at the helm, their journey towards new heights in the realm of construction and design remains an ongoing and promising endeavor.


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