The Inspiring Journey of Nurse-turned-Entrepreneur Terry and Her Innovative Mobile Spa, On The Go VIP Spa

The Inspiring Journey of Nurse-turned-Entrepreneur Terry and Her Innovative Mobile Spa, On The Go VIP Spa
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By: Beena Yusuf SHE Magazine USA 

Experience is arguably the best teacher, and Terry at On The Go VIP Spa epitomizes the saying. With over 30 years of experience as a registered nurse, Terry Gonzalez has become a master practitioner. She has an impressive track record in Labor and Delivery, home health for older patients, and work comp injuries. However, her medical journey has navigated new paths, steering towards age reduction techniques like neurotoxins, dermal fillers, and micro-needling to PDO/PCL threads. Including  emphasizing a healthier lifestyle at a cellular level.

When Terry experienced a micro-needling session, she was so inspired by the results that a resounding truth resonated within her. She wanted to share this feeling and the gift of a younger look. Powered by these results, she delved deep into research and consulted countless contacts before she decided on the services and products that would be included in her unique mobile spa, On The Go VIP Spa.

Terry’s journey of faith markedly influenced her worldview and approach to life. She experienced a personal transformation through her rebirth in Christ and the subsequent connection with One Church in League City, a non-denominational church. This spiritual regeneration triggered a newfound honesty in her, especially in business matters, where profit took a backseat to the truth.

Contrary to common practice, a significant example of her dedication to integrity over profitability is evident in her preferred approach of conducting micro-needling before administering neurotoxin. Although perhaps less profitable, the decision was made with her client’s best interest in mind, reiterating her commitment to the ethics championed by the nursing profession.

What truly sets Terry’s On The Go VIP Spa apart is its brilliant innovation of a traveling spa, bringing the much-coveted spa experience to a client’s doorstep! Whether a private indulgence or a group recreational activity, her spa business caters to diverse client needs while maintaining utmost discretion. Upon arrival at clients’ locations, be it home, office, or venue, their vehicles are unmarked for the business.

In addition to the mobile spa offering, Terry is an independent distributor of a unique product – Redox Signaling Molecules. Terry believes in the youthful aging power of these Redox Signaling Molecules and commits to sharing their benefits with all her fellow beings.

The client-focused nature of On The Go VIP Spa sets it apart in a crowded market. The team goes the extra mile to know their clients individually, exploring their motivations for cosmetic procedures, age reversal desires, and long-term goals. Their service philosophy of true collaboration ensures all their services suit their client’s unique needs and blend seamlessly with their busy lifestyle.

Terry’s passionate journey is proof that operating with honesty and focusing on customer’s needs can bring about extraordinary success while staying true to one’s roots and values. 

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In the words of the stalwart herself, “Honest, ethical conduct, and the will to consistently prioritize clients’ well-being above profits have been the cornerstone of our success at ‘On The Go VIP Spa,’ as we continue to set new standards in personalized care.” Terry’s commitment to her profession, clients, and ethics serves as an inspiration to many in the field.


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