The Green Living Guy Leads the Fight Against Climate Change with an Ever-Growing Repertoire of Environment-Friendly Educational Content

For many years, the world has seen numerous people champion the cause against the looming global crisis posed by climate change. Thought leaders, heads of state, and private citizens have banded together to contribute to the worldwide green movement in the hopes of curbing the many consequences brought about by climate change. Seth Leitman, more famously known as The Green Living Guy, is one of the many bastions of positive change dedicating his life’s work towards the betterment of the entire world. 

Now more than ever, there has been a bigger call to action for many of the world’s brightest minds. Even top climate scientists have urged more and more people to take urgent action to deal with the pressing problem of climate change. The Green Living Guy has devoted 25 years of expertise within the field, contributing his evergreen actions that have caused a ripple across the global green industry.

Throughout his seasoned career, he has worked and collaborated with powerhouse institutions such as the New York State Senate, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and the New York Power Authority (NYPA) on several green initiatives. With the hopes of delivering his message to the general populace, The Green Living Guy has harnessed the power of social media to reach an even bigger audience.

The Green Living Guy boasts a stream of informative and educational content through his blog, consultancy business, podcast, and YouTube channel to hone in on his message even further. His podcast is available across a wide variety of mainstream platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Radio, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Art19.

The podcast aims to help educate the masses on alternate environment-friendly solutions such as green living, green tech, and innovative ideas that can help fight climate change. The Green Living Guy is on a mission to inspire other people to become better stewards of the environment, creating a wave of positivity that will eventually tide over the looming crisis.

Equipped with a breadth of knowledge and experience in green living, The Green Living Guy has managed to publish nine books with TAB McGraw-Hill, adding to his ever-growing repertoire of environment-friendly educational content. Currently, the renowned green advocate is cooking up two new groundbreaking books that will further elevate his portfolio of content.

“I can’t wait to share them with the world. I know they will be game-changers because they aren’t as technical as my books with McGraw-Hill. My last nine were perfect for school. These new ones are going to shake things up. Watch,” shared The Green Living Guy.

In line with his mission to foster a green-loving community, The Green Living Guy became an instrumental figure in bringing electric buses to a massive event involving four senators from the State of New York. Promoting awareness of these sustainable solutions, he has partnered up with NYS Senator Peter Harckham to bring the initiative to the forefront. 

The Green Living Guy also made another notable partnership with Evertreen, a widely-acclaimed sustainability company that plants 100 trees every month throughout the world and 6 across seven nations. To date, he has over 700 trees and and will be offering others to join the mission. The company has worked with ecologically-sound business enterprises such as HP to bring green alternatives to a more corporate setting. 

In the near future, The Green Living Guy is hoping to collaborate with other influential figures to spread his green message to the world. By using his own influence as President of the Greater Hudson Valley Electric Vehicle Association, he has managed to enlist other EV owners to join their organization’s fight against climate change. 

Ultimately, The Green Living Guy has become a beacon of light for the ongoing fight against climate change. Utilizing his massive platform for the greater good, he has become the unfettered champion for advocacies involving the environment, such as green living, green tech, and many more.


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