The Clouded Barber: Cutting Through Adversity to Build a Successful Brand

The Clouded Barber
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Will Elmgren, better known as The Clouded Barber, has had an unconventional journey to building his successful barbering brand. From starting as a self-taught barber in his garage to overcoming personal obstacles, his story is one of perseverance, determination, and passion.

Growing up as a hip-hop artist, Will always had an eye for style and a talent for cutting hair. While he was in the music space, he collaborated with artists such as Sadat X from Brand Nubian and also did a mixtape that featured known artists.  He would also perform at the Opera House as well and a few other spots around the city of Toronto. Because of these performances, he would frequently cut his own hair and soon became the go-to person among his friends for haircuts. But it wasn’t until he enrolled in a hairstyling program that he discovered his true passion for barbering.

After completing the program, Will started applying to local barbershops, but he faced challenges in finding the right fit for him. However, his perseverance paid off when he landed a job at the Barbershop Vaughan Mills, where he has been working for the past nine years.

Building a loyal client base was not easy, but Will’s passion for the craft and his dedication to customer service made him stand out. He would spend hours studying other barbers on YouTube, learning new techniques and honing his skills. He always put his clients’ needs first, ensuring that they left the shop feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

One of Will’s career highlights was participating in the Flawless Fade Championship at the Iconic Men Expo. This participation is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft.

But building a successful brand was not without its challenges. Will struggled with social anxiety, which made it difficult for him to interact with clients and co-workers. However, he overcame this challenge through therapy and a supportive network of friends and family.

Will’s style is for those who appreciate a clean and professional haircut with a flare of creativity. He wants to provide a unique experience for his clients, and his ultimate goal is to open his own barbershop/suite and continue to give quality haircuts while growing as a barber and as a human being.

His favorite quote, “Everyday is my best day,” reflects his positive outlook on life and his gratitude for the opportunities that have come his way. He believes that everyone should pursue their dreams and never give up on their passions, regardless of the obstacles they face.

Will’s story is a reminder that with hard work, perseverance, and a supportive network, anyone can achieve their goals. The Clouded Barber brand is a testament to his dedication and passion for his craft, and he will undoubtedly continue to inspire and motivate others on their own journey of success.

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