Tech Guru Maksim Sulimau: Youtube entrepreneur with phenomenal abilities in business

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Maksim Sulimau, who has always made a name for himself with his successful projects, rapidly increasing audience on social media, and outstanding talents, was born on June 10, 1991, in Belarus. Ever since he was studying economics at university, he has been thinking about implementing his startup, and his business ideas. This brings him slowly to the adventure of Youtube and YouFact in 2015. 

In all of his early projects, Maksim used to handle everything alone with zero investment, promotion or advertisement. But things changed as soon as channels in different languages were created. It was not really possible to continue alone anymore, and at this point, Maksim built a team. That was the moment when a small Youtube channel YouFact turned into a real and serious business.

People from almost every continent of the world can be found in the team of Sulimau. YouFact reaches millions of followers without any producer or investor support. Currently, Maksim Sulimau has five Silver and one Gold Creator Awards given by Youtube.

At the moment he works with some of the largest global brands, including Best Buy, Amazon, Ecosence, Shareskills, Roborock, Wondershare, Govee ect. Despite all this, YouFact has never been a channel living off these advertisements. Even the audience on Youtube was strong enough to let YouFact flourish.

Maksim Sulimau
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We see in every way that Maksim Sulimau is someone who takes developing business seriously. YouFact continues to gather audiences day by day in different places, in different languages and in different societies. Following the English and Russian languages, Sulimau also established 10 more international versions of the channel including German, French and Spanish languages. With a steady increase every day, the total number of followers that Sulimau has reached is approximately 3.5 million. In 2020 he was selected from thousands of bloggers to become a judge expert at the international contest “School of Bloggers”. He opened two offices: one in Manhattan and one in Gainesville (Georgia) to film more high-quality content for his audience. Besides that, Maksim recorded a song together with the popular Latvian artist Chirkoff. In 2022 he was a judge at an international film festival of short films in Miami Follow Your Heart.

Apart from Youtube, now Maksim Sulimau with his partners is launching a big tech project named Sharky that will help all people to shop smart and to save money on their purchases. There is also a plan to create an innovative gadget website that will not only be a website, but also a full-fledged IT platform with ratings and reviews of gadgets (like IMDb but for tech products). Maksim is truly someone who makes tech innovations and changes in our world. 

One of the most important parts of the success is that Maksim made the right decisions and took the right steps. In other words, trying to achieve a kind of perfection always bears fruit. That’s why Maksim Sulimau sets an example with his ability to succeed in everything he embarks on.

All in all, when we look at the result, we see how strong is quality, continuity, and belief. This is exactly what Maksim Sulimau’s story and success are all about. That’s why, when starting a business, not giving up, persisting and having face in what you do should be the key steps.


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