Sunil Bhaskaran Plans To Help Create 100 Million Joyful and Successful Entrepreneurs Globally By 2050

Sunil Bhaskaran Plans To Help Create 100 Million Joyful & Successful Entrepreneurs Globally By 2050
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Sunil Bhaskaran has been in the entrepreneur game since 1991. With his hands in multiple areas of focus, he’s been a visionary, writer, inspirational speaker, trainer and business mentor for three decades and has dedicated his life to helping clients propel their businesses forward. With a background in electrical engineering and computer science, Sunil is a dynamic business leader with an extensive resume. 

Building A Powerful Network

Originally utilizing, a social networking site designed for individuals looking to join a group related to personal interests, Sunil created a unique method of connecting entrepreneurs to their dream clients. 

With this simple yet powerful method, Sunil started building a community online; and currently has a network of over 200,000 plus entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, writers, startups, and consultants based mostly in North America and Canada. That’s when he realized he had found something special. “I realized that I had discovered an extremely effective, but low-cost method of marketing.” Following his own success in building a massive network, he realized it was time to take a leap into a bigger game.

Building A Six Figure Business With No Audience

Sunil realized that people starting out with no audience could launch a program in as little as seven weeks, simply by utilizing his method. This strategy involves the following steps:

  1. Building out a set of meetup groups strategically placed geographically or targeted towards niche markets. 
  2. Setting up events with compelling messaging in each of the groups to fill your webinars, events, panel events, networking events, etc. 
  3. Setting up a compelling presentation at these events to convert webinar attendees to become clients either directly through an immediate purchase or by offering a complimentary discovery session which leads to a purchase.

There is a jaw dropping set of strategies that go along with this simple concept that also attracts speaking, joint venture and sponsorship opportunities to you. 

Simply by dedicating a few hours a week to maintaining and growing this structure, Sunil has consistently seen people build additional revenues of up $60k to $100k within a year. (Of course, there are no guarantees of income being made here.). Called the “webinar sales machine,” Sunil intends to use this model and other strategies to empower entrepreneurs globally to have joy and success.

Sunil On His Own Personal Growth

Although Sunil has spent the majority of his life helping others to build a brand and scale businesses, this wasn’t always the case.  When it comes to his own growth, a big part was battling with past traumas. “The biggest struggle was dealing with my past  and all the associated emotions that were slowing me down or downright impeding me.” He admits to battling feelings of giving up, guilt, frustration, and fear – titling them the “four horses of death.” Sunil shares that mostly everyone has these feelings at least some of the time, but what matters is how you resolve or let them be. His mentor guided him to resolve these fears as they came, while still being kind to himself. “Learning to navigate these feelings without letting them stop you from taking action is key. Once you do that, you can accomplish pretty much anything.” 

In Summary

Sunil’s ultimate passion is to cause 100 million joyful and successful entrepreneurs globally. He has a plan and a structure for this and works these daily. “It is what wakes me up in the morning and keeps me going. It helps me reframe breakdowns and even successes, so that I remain true to the spirit of empowering others globally.”  

His webinar sales machine is one of the strategies used to empower entrepreneurs.  

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