Steven Czyrny’s The Analyst Agency to Team Up With Power Poll in Identifying Roster of Thought Leaders

The cut-throat nature of the world of business has placed pressure on companies to not only pursue growth and profit above anything else but also secure the number one spot in the industry. This implicit expectation of standing out and hogging the spotlight has led countless ventures to see peers as competition and work in isolation in their journey to the top. While it’s not rare, partnership-building is often an afterthought. Highly cognizant of the value collaborations bring to the table, The Analyst Agency and Power Poll have made the strategic decision to join forces for a cause-oriented goal: to expand a community of influencers and visionaries deeply invested in driving change and making a positive impact. 

Both industry leaders, The Analyst Agency and Power Poll are widely trusted companies known for their portfolios. An award-winning market research and business consultancy firm, The Analyst Agency was founded in 2011 by Steven Czyrny, whose extensive experience includes collaborating with and providing marketing, sales, and process improvement solutions to over 75 different establishments, including startups and Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. 

In the decade since its launch, The Analyst Agency has transformed into a global authority, one that serves as a go-to expert in market research and business development for advertising agencies, banking and financial institutions, healthcare companies, real estate and construction developments, law firms, and more in the United States, Canada, and India. With its full-service business analysis, qualitative and quantitative research, and unique problem-solving services, it has managed to guide ventures in need of actionable insights, business process improvements, and digital transformation. 

Despite the long list of accomplishments under its belt, The Analyst Agency shows no sign of slowing down. Under the leadership of Steven Czyrny, it is set to cement its standing in the industry and reach greater heights. More importantly, it is expected to widen its reach and make bigger waves by joining forces with Power Poll, a civic engagement platform that brings together the most influential and powerful figures across the business, civic, media, and political industries. 

Created in 2019, Power Poll has given over 31,000 members a space where their voices are heard. It surveys, holds conversations with, and engages its members, delving into their collective positions, opinions, and thoughts on critical issues in the hopes of creating solutions to issues affecting countless people. Through its partnership with The Analyst Agency, it aims to expand its panel of national leaders, as well as identify key new markets and go-getters in target cities across the country.

“We are thrilled to work with Power Poll to help them grow their panel of business and thought leaders across the United States,” shared Steven Czyrny. “Their unique platform acts as a launching point to discuss critical problems and find solutions that positively impact cities throughout the country.”

With The Analyst Agency and Power Poll on the same boat, an impressive roster of change drivers is expected to emerge and contribute to the betterment of today’s communities. 


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