Steph Adams is Honored with the 2023 Global Recognition Award™

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New York, New York – August 2023 — The world-renowned Global Recognition Awards announced today its distinguished 2023 honoree, marking another milestone event in the world of women’s empowerment, literature, fashion, and digital innovation. Recognized for her extraordinary talents and endeavors, Steph Adams, was presented with the 2023 Global Recognition Award.

Adams, lauded for her multifaceted contributions, brings to the scene a breath of fresh air as an international best-selling author, model, art director, and business woman. She rises above in a challenging industry by showcasing her versatility, capturing minds and hearts around the globe.

“Steph’s unwavering dedication to women’s empowerment makes her stand out from the rest,” commented Alex Sinclair of the Global Recognition Awards. “Her successful endeavors in charity work and inclusivity initiatives clearly evidence her passion for driving change and promoting equality. She is nothing short of an inspiration, and we are excited to honor her with the 2023 Global Recognition Award.”

Steph Adams: A Successful Figure in the Publishing World

Beyond her outstanding achievements in championing women’s rights and empowerment, Steph Adams stands tall as an influential figure in the publishing landscape. With an impressive thirteen titles to her name, Adams has demonstrated her versatility and depth as an author. These books, each distinct in its content and message, traverse a myriad of subjects from the glitz and glam of fashion to holistic wellness approaches, underscoring her commitment to diversifying the narrative and amplifying multifaceted voices in literature.

One of her most celebrated works, “Fashion Icons,” has been a testament to her prowess as a writer and influencer in the realm of fashion literature. It didn’t merely fare well in bookstores—it skyrocketed to best-seller status, dominating charts in both the US and UK a mere three days post-launch. This rapid ascension speaks volumes about her credibility and the resonance of her work with readers globally.

However, her influence isn’t confined to the tactile pages of books. Since the inception of her online platform and active engagement on social media in 2010, Adams has harnessed the digital world’s potential, reaching out to, inspiring, and fostering connections with millions worldwide. This confluence of traditional publishing success with her digital footprint showcases the holistic impact Adams has had, bridging the gap between classical media and the new age digital realm.

Unmatched Influence and Impact

Furthermore, Steph’s ability to innovate and disrupt the status quo  doesn’t stop at publishing. She leads by example, showing the world that  women can excel in diverse areas. She was recently nominated for the “World Woman Leader” award, a testament to her substantial achievements and leadership influence.

“It is the combination of her multifaceted career, commitment to inspire and empower, and her ability to innovate that makes her the ideal recipient of the Global Recognition Award,” said Sinclair.

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