Sofia Rose Bernardi Makes It to the Top 30 Coaches to Watch Out for in 2021

Helping people realize their full potential as professionals and entrepreneurs is something that Sofia Rose Bernardi is very passionate about, knowing that it is harder to go through life without someone serving as a guide and mentor. Determined to help people break free from their wrong mindsets and develop a strong mental attitude that is poised for success, she has given a huge part of her life to coaching others. Her dedication landed her a spot on the Top 30 Coaches to Watch Out for in 2021 by the New York City Journal, validating her hard work and commitment to make a lasting difference in others. 

Sofia is the owner of Rising Ventures Pty. Ltd., where she trains aspiring coaches to acquire a rising mindset. Through her company, she also offers the Reset and Rise program for entrepreneurs, professionals, and life coaches alike, empowering individuals to achieve inner healing and consciously create the kind of life they deserve and love. Her Rising Coach method is designed to empower her clients to grow a six-figure business. She understands that a lot of people deal with unhealthy mindsets, struggle with insecurities and self-doubt, and even burnout. Most people are also concerned about what other people say about them, robbing them of opportunities to take themselves and their businesses further. 

Guided by her coaching principle, “Together we heal, together we rise,” Sofia guides her clients towards rediscovering their inner joy and teaches them how to manifest it in the kind of work they do. By feeling joyful once again, despite the many challenges surrounding them, they can find it in themselves to refocus their attention on more important things and recreate their lives in a way that would benefit their businesses and careers greatly. 

The Reset and Rise program is also designed to help people overcome their fears. In doing this, people can open their eyes to more possibilities and see that they have been held back by their own unfounded apprehensions all this time. Sofia is passionate about helping her clients develop their self-confidence and improve their personalities so they can pursue their dreams without fear. 

Sofia is a certified master NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, life coach, and speaker. She has trained under Tony Robbins Life Coaching certification and John Gottman’s Couples Therapy Certification. Even as a young girl, Sofia has always been drawn towards helping others, most especially where it involves encouraging, empowering, and boosting the confidence of others. If anything, she is a natural encourager who has the unique ability to see the potential of other people. She extends love and compassion to all of her clients to make them realize that they do not have to journey in life alone. 

Mostly, Sofia draws from her own personal experiences when she coaches people on how to break barriers within themselves. This makes her one of the most relatable coaches in the industry today, someone with a genuine heart to see others make their lives better. She also offers a one-on-one coaching program called Unstoppable You, a high-level personalized approach that aims to address the person’s overall needs. 

Find out more about Sofia Rose Bernardi by visiting her website. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates on her latest projects. 


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