Sky-High Innovation: How Anna Krivonosova’s Setec Aero is Transforming Aviation Logistics

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By: Regina Sadykova

Delayed and canceled flights can be one of the most frustrating experiences a customer with meticulously crafted and time-sensitive travel plans can go through. However, for the aviation industry, these delays are much more than just a mere inconvenience. In fact, these delays can cost airlines over $28 billion every year

Having worked for multiple companies in the aviation industry, including airlines and spare part suppliers, Russian entrepreneur Anna Krivonosova recognized this critical issue and decided to take matters into her own hands. To solve this problem once and for all, in 2021, she founded Setec Aero, a specialized provider of aircraft parts and components aiming to revolutionize the way airlines manage their spare parts logistics and maintenance processes.

Anna Krivonosova’s profound experience and very particular approach enable the company to showcase results and exert influence within the industry, and the company has already demonstrated its significance.

“Most people are unaware that airlines are only making money when their planes are in the air and that every minute on the ground can result in huge expenses,” says Krivonosova, who managed to get her company off the ground during one of the biggest crises in the history of aviation. “These times are most often not caused by deliberate negligence but rather a culmination of intricate delays in communication, procurement, and logistics. This is what I set out to solve when I founded Setec Aero.”

One of the key achievements of the Setec Aero  under Anna’s leadership has been the successful collaboration with over 220 companies in the aviation market. In a short period of time, Anna and her team managed to strike numerous successful deals and establish partnerships with companies from various regions of the world, including the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Thanks to Anna’s exceptional leadership skills, Setec Aero became a company with a cohesive professional team and established a high-tech working structure. Company’s approach to tackling this challenge is based on prioritizing consistency and optimization through centralization. By serving as a single point of contact for urgent requests, the company eliminates the maze of communication between teams, departments, and organizations, ensuring that vital information reaches the right hands as swiftly as possible. The most important results are reflected in a revenew growth. Even though Setec Aero hasn’t been on the market that long but it already has devoted customers, and they value working with Krivonosova’s team. 

“What you often see when an aircraft is on the ground because of logistical or technical problems, is the accumulation of hundreds of tiny delays in communication, processing, and logistics,” explains Krivonosova. “The result is that these tiny gaps eventually translate to delays lasting hours or even days, which is never a good thing for the airlines or its customers.”

While companies would traditionally have to deal with exhaustive lists of over 30 suppliers, request a quote, fill orders, and arrange the delivery logistics, they can now limit themselves to contacting Setec Aero. As the company regularly updates its list of suppliers and components, as well as having a comprehensive analysis of the time it takes to deliver them, Krivonosova’s team can considerably reduce the time it takes to fulfill urgent orders. 

Setec Aero has pioneered advanced data-driven solutions, ensuring an optimal blend of cost, speed, and quality service. What sets us apart is our dedication to cultivating enduring processes, steering clear of short-term crisis management. 

In this industry, possessing exceptional hard skills, including a deep understanding of technical details, is essential. Additionally, outstanding communication and project management skills are equally crucial. The level of responsibility is exceedingly high, which is why the entry requirements are stringent.

Setec Aero has experienced rapid growth over the past years, and with the team of seasoned professionals under Krivonosova’s leadership, Setec Aero has all the chances to meet the industry challenges. Now, with the aviation industry continuing to recover from its latest crisis, the company has a unique opportunity to further solidify its position.


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