SiGMA Asia’s Stellar Performance in Manila

SiGMA Asia's Stellar Performance in Manila
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In the dynamic world of the gaming industry, the city of Manila recently emerged as the epicenter of groundbreaking discussions, innovations, and collaborations, thanks to the SiGMA Asia Summit. Hosted at the illustrious SMX Convention Center, this summit was more than just an event; it was a confluence of ideas and visionaries from all corners of the globe.

Manila’s Gaming Pulse: SiGMA’s Unprecedented Summit

Spanning multiple days and hosting a staggering 12,000 participants, the SiGMA Asia Summit wasn’t just another event on the calendar. It was a testament to the exponential growth, potential, and dynamism inherent in the gaming industry of the Southeast Asian region and beyond.

PAGCOR’s Vote of Confidence

The resounding success of the Summit was underscored by the endorsement from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). A beacon in the gaming domain of Southeast Asia, PAGCOR’s backing of the event signified the importance and relevance of such a summit in today’s evolving gaming landscape.

The partnership between SiGMA Group and PAGCOR aimed to unite the leading voices from the West with the emerging and influential voices from Asia, fostering dialogue and collaboration that transcends borders. Such international cooperation holds the promise of catalyzing further growth and innovations in the gaming sector.

Setting the Stage: SiGMA Asia’s Inauguration

The curtains of the SiGMA Asia Summit were raised by none other than PAGCOR’s Chairman and CEO, Alejandro H. Tengco, and SiGMA Group Founder, Eman Pulis. Their combined presence not only signaled the commencement of the event but also epitomized the spirit of unity and shared vision for the industry.

Tengco’s opening address was both enlightening and visionary. By elaborating on PAGCOR’s future blueprints for the gaming industry, he provided attendees with a clear view of the road ahead, emphasizing the importance of rejuvenating and innovating within the gaming ecosystem.

SiGMA Asia Awards: Celebrating Excellence

An event of this scale wouldn’t be complete without recognizing the trailblazers in the industry. The Conrad Hotel’s opulent Grand Ballroom was abuzz as the SiGMA Asia Awards celebrated 26 pioneering companies. From cutting-edge projects to unparalleled services, these companies are redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming.

Yet, the awards night was not just about accolades. It was also about giving back. The charity auction, which saw an artwork of the legendary Manny Pacquiao fetch an impressive €4,000, underscored SiGMA’s commitment to philanthropy.

Spotlight on the SiGMA Foundation

Making a difference on a global scale has always been at the heart of SiGMA Group’s endeavors. The SiGMA Foundation’s participation in the Summit was a clear manifestation of this mission. Board Chairperson, Mr. Keith Marshall’s eloquent discourse about the Foundation’s initiatives, especially in areas like Ethiopia, Colombia, and the Philippines, struck a chord with attendees, reminding them of the broader impact of the gaming industry.

Innovations and Insights: The Core of SiGMA

True to its reputation, SiGMA Asia brought to the fore a series of discussions that promise to shape the future of the gaming industry. A standout panel, which delved into the intersection of artificial intelligence and Esports, captured the imagination of attendees.

Clinton Sparks, the entrepreneurial maestro, also took the stage to shed light on the art of evolving marketing strategies, urging enterprises to think beyond traditional paradigms.

Elevating Start-ups: SiGMA’s Unique Platform

For emerging enterprises, the Summit presented a golden opportunity. With a dedicated exhibition floor and the SiGMA Pitch Competition, start-ups had the chance to not just showcase their innovations but also to engage with industry stalwarts.

Centurion FC’s Electrifying Showcase

Injecting adrenaline into the Summit, Centurion FC’s MMA event was a masterstroke, blending entertainment with the core ethos of the conference.

Conclusion: A New Dawn for SiGMA Asia

As the sun set on this edition of the SiGMA Asia Summit, it was clear that this was just the beginning of many more such enriching engagements. With SiGMA’s next focus on the Balkans in September, the future looks brighter than ever for global gaming collaborations.


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