Shining a Light on Foster Care: How Sharon Dunlevy is Making a Difference

Shining a Light on Foster Care: How Sharon Dunlevy is Making a Difference

In the complex world of social challenges, some issues don’t always get the spotlight they deserve. The foster care system is one such area, often sitting quietly in the background. That’s where Sharon Dunlevy steps in – a passionate advocate determined to bring this issue into the limelight.

Sharon, with her powerful voice and unwavering commitment, is on a mission: to ensure that every child in foster care gets the chance they deserve for a brighter future. She puts it simply, “We’re not doing enough for the educational needs of foster children.”

Her journey of advocacy recently took a dynamic turn at the Voice of Purpose, a virtual speaking event. There, Sharon delivered a message that was both powerful and persuasive, advocating for much-needed support and improvements in the foster care system. Her ability to speak eloquently and passionately makes her a standout voice for positive social change.

The reality of the foster care system can be startling. According to the National Foster Youth Institute, only half of the 400,000 foster kids in the U.S. graduate high school by age 18, and a mere 3% earn a college degree. Changing these statistics is no small task, but it’s a challenge Sharon embraces wholeheartedly.

But Sharon’s work is more than just about numbers; it’s about connecting human stories, sparking meaningful conversations, and bringing a sense of compassion to this urgent issue. Her goal is to break the cycle of neglect and ensure comprehensive support for foster children.

To amplify her impact, Sharon seeks to engage with diverse audiences across various platforms and organizations. Her speaking style is captivating, and her message is clear: we can and must do better for children in foster care.

Every organization striving for a more equitable society should consider inviting Sharon to speak. Her insights, backed by deep knowledge and unwavering dedication, are instrumental in driving significant improvements in the foster care system.

We, as a community, need to give Sharon Dunlevy more opportunities to share her message. It’s not just for her sake but for the thousands of foster children she advocates for. We have a duty to elevate voices that can inspire change, reshape thinking, and deepen understanding within our society.

Sharon Dunlevy’s unwavering dedication to shedding light on the often-overlooked challenges within the foster care system is both admirable and necessary. Her recent participation in the Voice of Purpose virtual speaking event showcased her powerful advocacy for the educational needs of foster children, urging society to acknowledge and address this critical issue. The stark statistics of foster care highlight the urgency of change, and Sharon’s commitment goes beyond numbers. By humanizing the stories behind these statistics, she catalyzes essential conversations and fosters compassion for the children navigating the complexities of the system.

To learn more about Sharon’s work or to connect with her, visit her website at or her LinkedIn profile. Now is the time to come together, to listen, and to act. With Sharon leading the way, let’s step forward and make a real difference in the lives of our foster children.


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