Sheikh Raiyamuzzaman: The Visionary Entrepreneur Behind RNWIST and SwipeJob

Sheikh Raiyamuzzaman: The Visionary Entrepreneur Behind RNWIST and SwipeJob
Photo Credit: Sheikh Raiyamuzzaman

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“In just six minutes the employer finds the employee.”

Born and raised in Bangladesh, Sheikh Raiyamuzzaman’s journey from a determined master’s student to the founder and CEO of SwipeJobb is nothing short of inspiring. With a humble beginning, Sheikh set out with two ambitious goals – to study abroad and establish his own global technology company. Without sufficient funds to study abroad after receiving his bachelor’s degree, he formed a plan. “In Bangladesh, all doctors have their own offices. Many of them did not have websites or good methods of finding business.” Seeing a niche, he partnered with various medical salespeople to sell those services. And offered all the medical salespersons who met those doctors a ‘15%’ commission upon bringing orders’. The arrangement worked and he found himself with the funds necessary to start his Master’s education in Sweden. Sheikh’s unique approach, cultivated through his experience & network in helping medical professionals establish an online presence, laid the foundation for RNWIST’s success. This experience would also serve as the basis of RNWIST, a digital company specializing in now supporting startups and small to medium-sized businesses in their digital transformation. Since launching in 2017 & again in 2021 in Sweden, RNWIST has been at the forefront of developing apps, websites, MVPs, and digital marketing strategies, propelling companies towards digital excellence.

SwipeJobb 1.0: The Human Edition

Upon arriving in Sweden, Sheikh faced the challenges of a student balancing studies and work, commuting for hours about 200km every day to study in Karlskrona and working in restaurants in Malmö, Sweden. These experiences brought him into contact with numerous business owners and university students in search of part-time jobs, igniting the idea that would become SwipeJobb.

Sheikh’s Reflection on the Beginning: “In the beginning, I just wanted to help people. I saw the struggle to find suitable jobs and employees, and I wanted to make it easier. What we do with SwipeJobb is essentially a digital & smart version of the connections and help I was providing back then.”

Sheikh Raiyamuzzaman: The Visionary Entrepreneur Behind RNWIST and SwipeJob
Photo Credit: Sheikh Raiyamuzzaman

SwipeJobb: Connecting Job Seekers and Businesses with Precision

SwipeJobb, The MVP & soft run for the main app officially launched in October 2023. The app is an innovative platform designed to address the dual needs of job seekers and businesses in a specific & easy way. Based on his experience of helping others and users’ feedback, the platform utilizes advanced AI technologies to provide a seamless, efficient job-matching service, reminiscent of Sheikh’s own experiences and the informal networks he initially formed. As a result, in just six minutes an employer in Sweden finds the employee they need through SwipeJobb!

The platform’s success is evident in its numbers. Within a short span, it has attracted 75 businesses and several thousand downloads. Based in Malmö, Stockholm, and Gothenburg, SwipeJobb is on a rapid growth trajectory, seeking to raise $500,000 USD in a pre-seed round, an impressive feat for a company that has been bootstrapped since its inception.

A Dual Focus: Empowering the Workforce and Businesses Alike

SwipeJobb’s approach is dual-faceted, catering to both job seekers — particularly youth and students — and businesses seeking part-time, extra, or full-time employees. “Our goal is to simplify & specify the job search process using technology & AI. “We want to provide a platform where job seekers can easily find work that fits their life and need and where businesses can find the right people quickly and efficiently.” For job seekers, the app is a gateway to local opportunities, allowing them to find work that suits their schedules and preferences. For businesses, SwipeJobb offers a reliable pool of candidates, ensuring that their staffing needs are met with the right talent. The app is also helping a large amount of youth & students in Sweden to apply instantly to local job opportunities through Swipejobb’s unique instant application benefits, to many who feel shy or hesitant to ask for a job.

For those eager to learn more about SwipeJobb, you can visit their website to learn more about their development and opportunities to support the startup.

Sheikh Raiyamuzzaman’s entrepreneurial journey, from humble beginnings to the thriving tech landscape of Sweden, exemplifies the power of determination, innovation, and a vision to make a positive impact. As SwipeJobb continues to grow, Sheikh remains committed to bridging the gap between job seekers and businesses through the power of technology.
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