Shawn Fair Picks Dr. Theresa A. Moseley as One of the Coveted Speakers on His Leadership Experience Tour

The Leadership Experience Tour organized by Shawn Fair, a premier business consultant and member of Forbes Coaching Council, is a program that has a lineup of highly distinguished speakers from all walks of life. Among the cast of speakers already confirmed for this event is none other than Dr. Theresa A. Moseley, a United States Army Veteran, 6x Best-Selling Author, 2x International Best Selling Author, 3x Award Winning Educator, and an International Motivational Speaker.

Dr. Moseley is a co-author in an International Best Seller, Step into Leadership Greatness. Her chapter is on Transformational Leadership. Prior to publishing her 10 books, she had worked in the field of education for 27 years. In recognition of her outstanding work in the education sector, she was awarded the Excellence in Education Award from the Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce in 1999. This was followed by a recognition as Prince George’s County Outstanding Educator in 2006. She also received the Excellence in Gifted and Talented Education Award from the Maryland Department of Education.   

Currently, Dr. Moseley is the owner and CEO of TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace LLC. She uses her life experiences to address thought-provoking questions around finding one’s purpose in life, finding one’s authentic self, and is very overt regarding everyone taking responsibility for creating a peaceful world. Her company provides professional development on Transformational Leadership, Understanding Children and Adolescents, Creating Ambassadors of Peace, and motivational speeches to resolve conflicts in communities, in schools, and other organizations wanting to create a more peaceful climate and culture.

Dr. Moseley is passionate about training leaders because according to her, “organizational leadership is very important. The leader must support the staff and guide them to reach their goals. A transformational leader guides individuals to perform above their expectations and self-interest. The process starts with shared visioning, developing a mission, and shared values and beliefs. The transformational leader must also build trust, especially if they are new to the organization. “My company has a workshop for school administrators and corporate organizations that combine the tenets of Bernard Bass’s Transformational Leadership Theory and Megan Tschannen-Moran Trust Matters that will assist in creating a positive culture of the organization and increased productivity.”  

She is particularly excited to be among the speakers for the distinguished Leadership Experience Tour program as the founder is someone who has been a source of inspiration to her. “Shawn Fair encouraged me to build by brand. I’ve traveled the world, worked in education for 27 years, spent time in the United States Army. During these years, I developed a lot of conventional wisdom and funded knowledge. Shawn Fair taught me to organize my work and speak and write on the messages that are important to me.”

On her plans for the future, Dr. Moseley says, “In five years, I will continue to speak internationally on world peace and transformational leadership. I plan to develop a 12-week Passion Purpose Peace Academy where individuals will identify their gift, know what they love to do, develop a blueprint for their business, implement and monitor, and network with others.”

Most importantly, Dr. Moseley wants her readers to come away with the following message. “I want readers to know that everyone has a divine purpose in life. Everyone has a divine assignment. It’s important that leaders know their role in assisting their staff with fulfilling that purpose. Leaders must support, encourage, train, and motivate their team to work beyond what they thought they could do. When your staff is valued and appreciated, it brings peace to the organization which impacts world peace, one person at a time.”

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