Shawn Fair Makes Room for Tiffany R. Easley in the Elite Group Leadership Experience Tour

The Leadership Experience Tour founder, entrepreneur, leadership expert, and sought-after motivational speaker Shawn Fair recently added prolific speaker Tiffany R. Easley into his exclusive club for public speakers. With every intention to share the stage with her to impact the lives of his audiences, Shawn is poised to elevate the value that his team adds to the lives of different people. 

The Forbes Coaching Council member created the Leadership Experience Tour to gather the best of the best speakers from around the world into an exclusive club that maintains a set of non-negotiable lifelong values and principles that promote unity, mutual respect, and the importance of empowering others. Shaw Fair is a firm believer in collaborative work, and he believes that sharing the stage with other phenomenal speakers and giving them an opportunity to be heard is a way to impact the next generation positively. 

Shawn Fair picked Tiffany R. Easley to be part of the Leadership Experience Tour for her dynamism, her powerful way of impacting peoples’ lives, and her gift in motivational speaking that has helped countless people in their journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. She is very passionate about building a community that has been equipped to succeed through the help of the S.O.A.R. Program. Her signature S.O.A.R. Program is uniquely designed to help people rise above the trauma of their diagnosis. 

Tiffany is a John Maxwell Certified public speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur. She owns Tiffany R. Easley Enterprises, a company that specializes in helping individuals process their experience of having been diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness. The end goal of her program is to equip people in these situations to overcome their trauma by changing their mindset and learn how to make every moment count. 

The impressive public speaker finished a degree in Social Work and a dual M.B.A. in Marketing and General Management. The power of her message comes from a personal message of having survived a season in her life when she was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Determined not to let it get in the way of her life’s purpose, Tiffany became a Survivor Thriver and combined it with her 40 years of survival and deep desire to let go of her fears, anger, and disappointment for getting sick. 

She has a weekly podcast called SOAR After a Diagnosis with Tiffany, which is available on Google Podcasts, Apple, Facebook Live, and Spotify. Here, she provides valuable information and encouragement to people who are still living with their trauma after finding out they have a serious illness. 

Tiffany has written three books: Psalms of My Spirit, Victorious Affirmations for Women, and The Journey to SOAR Beyond

As someone who possesses a keen eye and a unique gift to identify a person who has what it takes to influence a massive audience in a positive way, Shawn Fair made a good choice with Tiffany R. Easley. With their good intentions, skills, and gifts combined, they are more than able to make a lasting difference in the lives of countless people. 

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