Shawn Fair Adds Awe-Inspiring Speaker Donna R. Gayles to His Leadership Experience Tour Roster

Leadership expert, entrepreneur, and world-class motivational speaker Shawn Fair is once again elevating his roster of exceptional public speakers for the Leadership Experience Tour by adding remarkable speaker and trainer Donna R. Gayles. Shawn is known for his unique gift of spotting the most influential and life-changing speakers from around the world today.

Shawn Fair handpicked Donna R. Gayles because of her rare gift of transforming the most difficult topics into a comfortable conversation. She is not only a prolific public speaker and trainer; she also excels as a business development liaison and patient advocate for one of the most successful non-profit hospice agencies in America today. Her level of confidence and eloquence in elaborating on sensitive issues have made her a constant favorite on television and radio programs. Moreover, she is also a highly skilled moderator and host for various conferences and seminars in both secular and faith-based sectors. 

Donna is known for her wealth of experience in youth and women ministries. The Detroit, Michigan native is also one of the community co-chairs of the Washington D.C. Department of Health’s Places of Worship Advisory Board. She is also one of the hosts of their talk show called SPEAK on It! She also hosts another show called Listen Boys and Girls Podcast, a platform where she passionately attempts to make a difference in other people’s lives. By giving people a fresh perspective of things, she hopes to help them see the good that can come from life’s greatest challenges. 

“I seek to encourage every person to understand that in our humanity, we all make mistakes,” Donna explains. “I share through the personal experiences of myself and others that no matter where you are, you can start again, right where you stand, and change your life, as well as the lives of others entirely,” she adds. 

Donna received the inspiration behind starting the podcast in June of 2020 after seeing that the world was changed immensely by the turn of events brought about by the pandemic. She also saw that numerous people were struggling with the abrupt changes that were forced upon them, such as working from home, being unable to socialize, not being able to travel, and even losing jobs. Donna instantly knew that she could not just sit idly by and do nothing. She wanted to make a connection and make people feel that they were not alone, and she did this quite splendidly. 

At present, Donna is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Social Work. By elevating her skills and knowledge, she hopes to become an even better podcast host to effectively reach more people. She envisions herself becoming an agent of change, especially to those who are grieving and seeking emotional support. One of her future goals includes publishing a series of books, developing a television show, and offering direct counseling services to help others with their mental health struggles. 

Collaborating with Shawn Fair is also one of Donna R. Gayles’ ways of reaching the right audience. Not only is she elevating the Leadership Experience Tour, but she is also adding value to the multiple lives she will be touching during the conference. 

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