Shawana King: From Inmate to Inspirational CEO and Author

One person’s mistake can lead to the most significant breakthrough of their life. Shawana King may have had a few setbacks in her life, but she learned from them. She took the lessons she learned to heart and did everything she could to turn her life around. Today, Shawana King is the proud co-founder of a high-level credit repair agency, a virgin hair company, and published author.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Shawana King was exposed to a hustler lifestyle through her father. His influence meant that from an early age, Shawana started running hustles of her own. In the end, she had to deal with the consequences of her actions. At the age of 19, Shawana went to federal prison for credit card fraud.

Her time in prison changed Shawana King. She realized that she needed to make something of her life, to live honestly. She kept in contact with some of the women she was incarcerated with. When they recounted their difficulties in finding work due to their criminal record, Shawana decided to start a business so she would not have to face the same employment issues.

She shared, “I did not want unemployment to be the reason I failed. Those conversations motivated me to write down my goals and follow a plan upon release.”

In 2017, Shawana King and Aisha Hall started The Real Credit Pro, a credit repair company specializing in credit restoration and education. At first, they started working with a few of their friends. As they kept getting good results, they decided to offer their services to the public.

“We started a company that is dedicated to educating the world about the importance of maintaining good credit history. This company is also a place where victims of fraud can go for help,” Shawana said.

Experiencing the consequences of her actions has left a mark on Shawana King. As such, she engages with her community to encourage young people to stay away from illegal activities. She speaks to the youth in her community and often visits juvenile detention centers to inspire kids to choose a better path.

Shawana said, “I educate these kids and hopefully help them avoid making the same mistakes I did. Especially now having a child of my own, it breaks my heart seeing them go through what I did.”

Shawana King’s social responsibility does not stop there. She is also a member of the PINK PANTHER CLIQUE, with AIsha Hall, Brandi Davis, and Sunshine Smith-Williams an organization filled with women who work to bring awareness to the mass incarceration crisis. This group of women have connected during and after their time in prison and created a supportive community where they can uplift others. 

Aside from these acts of service, Shawana King also wrote and published a book called Swipe. In it, she details a cautionary tale about the perils of credit card fraud. “The book is entertaining, yes, but I wrote it to serve as a warning and a lesson. It is tempting to attain the finer things in life this way, but one day it will all come crashing down,” Shawana said. The book is a work of fiction, but she drew heavily from her experience to share this compelling story of crime and redemption.

Shawana King also recently appeared on My True Crime Story on VH1. In her episode on this documentary series, she recounted her story and her past. “It was difficult to share my story and talk about my mistakes, but I wanted to prevent others from falling down the same path I did. And I wanted to inspire people too. I wanted them to know that they can turn their life around as I have no matter what you are going through.”

Mistakes are a part of life. But learning from those mistakes and changing for the better is what is truly important. Shawana King has done just that. Her passion for helping people has helped her create a better life for not only herself but her family. They now know she will not be leaving them ever again. Today she is a published author, a successful entrepreneur, and an active member of her community. She said, “My story speaks for itself. I have changed my life, and I want to help others do the same.”Shawana King is co-founder of The Real Credit Pro. To find more information about this company, you may visit this website. She is also the owner of  Classy Hair, providing high-quality wigs, bundles and ponytails. More information on her book Swipe can be found on her website.


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