Shariece Williams Contributes to Literacy and Development through Coast to Coast Children’s Book Expo and Tour

The state of education and literacy globally is worrying, and one of the contributing factors is that education no longer feels attractive and rewarding. Therefore, many people, particularly young adults, mainly high school graduates, look forward to a future with nothing to do with education. Thus, it is not surprising to see that the desire to learn, read, and have access to books has fallen drastically over time. These, among several other problems, are what Shariece Williams saw and decided to create a stop-gap and revive the dying culture before it becomes too late. Hence, the reason she founded Coast to Coast Children’s Book Expo and Tour.

The Coast to Coast Children’s Book Expo and Tour became very necessary, especially after a pandemic that nearly crippled the world and did a lot of damage to family, youth, and community engagement. The tour brings on board self-published children book authors from the East to West coast to provide book reading and learning engagements to children and young adults. The self-published authors are expected to engage youth, families, and the community with a day to remember the experience of social interaction and engagement for literacy, fitness, and health. With business donations and community support, the youth will receive free books and the opportunity to engage in live readings from self-published authors.

Shariece and the team describe the 2021 edition of the tour as an opportunity for children and young people to experience a wide range of diverse children’s books, a meet and greet, live music and entertainment, and fun games, along with motivational and empowering speakers from different cities and localities. “This Expo & Tour 2021 is organized for self-published authors to expose their amazing children’s books in Coast to Coast Communities. Having the opportunity to come together, share, read, sell, and showcase their amazing children’s books and merchandise to the community location,” Shariece explained.

Compared to others who are in the business of organizing book expos, tours, and outreach programs, Shariece has been described as visionary for her once-in-a-lifetime brilliant idea of bringing self-published authors together and sharing empowering stories to inspire and motivate children from all walks of life.

She attributes her motivation to her personal and professional experiences, coupled with her drive, purpose, and determination to make her vision come true: to shine the light on other self-published authors.

Shariece is committed to building the expo author participants list and adding more coast-to-coast states in the next five years. In her message to her target audience, she said, “I want them to inspire and motivate their children and families to read more literature and to help be the change for literacy!”To be a part of the Coast to Coast Children’s Book Expo & Tour either as a participant, volunteer, or donor, visit their website.


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