Sara Ketabi Driving Innovative Change and Governmental Development Globally

Sara Ketabi, a renowned change-maker, is an Iranian-American living in the heart of Los Angeles. She took two gap years off school to pursue foreign policy and international development research after receiving nearly $100,000 in research grants from government partners abroad to conduct governance and sustainability consultancy in over 40 developing nations. Thanks to her drive, perseverance, and zeal, she relentlessly pursued her passion of reforming traditional foreign policy objectives via sustainable development; and today, she is a shining example to others who are going through hard times to never give up. 

Sara Ketabi is a global policy advisor, entrepreneur, and senior government consultant specializing in government and global health research. Ketabi is regarded globally as a prodigy whose achievements and contributions to policymaking globally borders on a national and international scale. She is notable for being the founder of CollatEd Lab and Hale.

Only a few years into her work, Sara has worked with organizations such as the UN, UNICEF, UNESCO, who are all committed to working together to support and provide for the underprivileged through a sustainable, global governance lens. In addition, as part of her effort to accelerate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, she founded some of the biggest non-profit organizations for a better future for all.

Therefore, through purposeful partnerships with Prime Ministers, Global Leaders, United Nations agencies, Universities, Foreign Embassies, Policymakers, and NGOs, Sara founded CollatEd Lab, an international-development NGO that provides expertise in domestic and international policymaking in over 110 countries of the world. Also, being a huge proponent and scholar of global development, she founded Hale to cultivate sustainability-focused and data-driven policy solutions for world health ministries. 

An eye for detail and a unique approach to solving problems are some of Sara’s most impressive traits. For example, one of the issues she discovered early on is the impact of the lack of a data-driven government system in Africa and how it has prevented the development of a sustainable political system, something she refers to as “the inherent cause of the human rights violations we see today and lack of significant progress toward the United Nations 2030 Development Agenda.”

With several events and conferences hosted by Sara and her team with Africa as the focal point, Sara Ketabi has undoubtedly made significant changes among developing nations. According to data in the public domain, there have been massive improvements to pandemic management in developing nations and appropriate adjustments to sustainable diplomacy. For this reason, she is undeterred on her mission to catalyze transformation across the world, kickstarting initiatives that address current issues and potential problems in the years to come.

Sara Ketabi has a long list of accomplishments, and she’s not slowing down anytime soon. Aside from her ongoing platforms (which will continue to expand), the world can expect more from this global leader. 

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